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Available Dogs in GSROC care (approx. 79)
Although it was Naomi's lucky day that GSROC was there to help her get out of the shelter, this poor girl was suffering from a significant upper respiratory infection that needed attention.
Fairlady is Nismo's best friend. They are very bonded and take comfort from each other
Nismo and his pal Fairlady were found wandering a neighborhood. Nismo is approximately 2 years old.
Devin is a shy boy who treated harshly by his former owner. That owner tried to turn him into a guard dog by being mean to him. A kind animal lover intervened and brought Devin to us.
7 month old Markus couldn't tell us why he ended up alone and unloved in a scary shelter. How do these things happen to sweet young dogs?
4 year old Echo lost her home when her owner suffered a stroke and could no longer care for her. She is confused at the change in her circumstances and needs a friend asap!
5 year old Rihanna got tired of people passing her by at the crowded shelter, so she reached out directly to our volunteer and asked for help. We took one look and knew we had to save her.
Xavier is almost a year old and needs a family to call his own. He's had a rough start....
Starsky is a big, muscular boy, approximately 2 years old. He was picked up as a stray without collar and tags. When no one reclaimed him, GSROC was there to bring him to safety.
"Buongiorno, Tutti! My name is Giovanni and I heard that GSROC was a great rescue, so I snuck in so that I could be saved. I am 8 years old and I am fabulous."
Buddy Blue 
Tyson is a handsome one year old who was cast aside when his family moved. They decided they had no room for this sweet dog.
Adoption Pending
Apollo was severely injured and needed our help He was hit by a truck and dragged for a long way before being found by a good Samaritan. He now needs a forever home!
Buddy Blue is a middle aged gent who was turned in to the shelter. At the animal shelter, he was diagnosed with a nasty case of mange, and was slated for euthanasia. Enter GSROC!
Pixie is Trixie's BFF. They were both rescued from living in a pipe and scrounging for food. Pixie is bonded to Trixie and they make a sweet pair.
8 month old Kallie had a bad case of mange which had been allowed to progress until she is almost completely bald. She is recuperating and her fur is now growing in.
Kody Bear 
Trixie is our little one-eyed pirate girl who was living in some construction pipes in the San Diego are. She scoured for food by night and hid by day. Concerned rescuers were able to trap her to get her to safety.
Agatha is an adorable 1 year old girl with plenty of puppy spunk. She is very playful and would do best in a home with a playmate. Agatha will remain on the smaller side, around 55 lbs.
Ranier, age 2 years, was found wandering in a rural area with a chain around his neck. When no one came to claim him, GSROC stepped forward.
Kody Bear is a 3 year old boy who has beautiful golden coloring.
Adoption Pending
5 month old Nala is a happy, bouncy girl. She has classic markings and will grow into a beautiful dog.
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