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Available Dogs in GSROC care (approx. 76)
When we first met this cute boy, he was covered with tar and looked miserable. All that is behind him now - he has recovered and is ready to start his new life.
Winky is a cute little 4 month old. Bouncy and full of fun, she can see just fine - even though she only has one eye.
Tiffany was surrendered by a breeder who had too many dogs. She is only 6 months old and a happy, playful girl. Tiffany has just arrived so we are learning more about her personality.
Destiny is a pretty girl just in from a high-kill shelter. She is rather confused about her circumstances, but she is very forgiving. Destiny likes other large dogs.
Hit by a car and left to die, little Ziggy was facing pain and death when we were notified. This is one tough little dude - he fought back and is doing well.
Jasper and Jackson 
Jasper and Jackson wandered into an artist's colony.
Bella lost her home when illness struck her family home. This sad girl is 8 years old and lost without her family
Laila has lived in hell for over 4 years. Chained to a water heater with barely enough room to move, she stared out of the bars of her "room." Who could treat a dog this way?
10 month old Bowie is so excited! He has been rescued from a dreary life and is ready to start walking down the sunny side of the street.
Honey is aptly named, she is a little sweetie. Abandoned and alone, she remained friendly and happy to any stranger that approached her. A kind animal lover found Honey and brought her to safety.
6 1/2 year old Moose is a big, happy guy with dark good looks and a happy personality. No cats or small dogs, but large female dogs are cool with Moose!
Heidi was picked up as a stray and taken to a shelter. Her kennel mate did not like her and attacked her. GSROC heard of her plight and rushed to save her.
Tommy is a member of our JERSEY BOYS litter. At 14 weeks, he is the epitome of puppy cuteness!
14 week old Nick is one of our JERSEY BOY puppies. Nick is the shy, quiet guy of the group.
Joe is one of our JERSEY BOYS litter. At 14 weeks old, he is ready to start life on his own. Joe is the bold one of the group - he loves to make friends.
Teddy Bear 
Deputy Dog 
Tall, dark and handsome - that is our Bauer. He will win you over as soon as he meets you.
18 month old Foxie was used to breed a litter of puppies and then cast aside after all the puppies were sold by her unfeeling owner. GSROC stepped in to change her future!
Teddy Bear's owner died unexpectedly, leaving her alone and homeless. She is lost and alone - unsure what her future holds.
Deputy Dog was found wandering a neighborhood, skinny, dirty and oh, so scared! A kind animal lover brought him to safety.
Zyanna is a 4 year old girl who was left at a local shelter late one night.
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