Available Dogs in GSROC care (approx. 77)

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Tommy Tommy1_0117_626

Tommy is a 4 year old male with a quiet presence. This handsome guy is ready to be part of your life.

Big Red BigRed5_0317_626

5 year old Big Red was left in a public shelter and no one came to save him. GSROC rushed to save him.

Radar Radar6_0317_626

7 year old Radar deserved a second chance at a happy life. Thanks to GSROC, he will now get one.

Lobo Lobo6_0317_626

3 year old Lobo has not been treated well in his prior life. Ignored and left in the yard he was left to fend for himself. GSROC has promised Lobo there is a better life ahead.

Murphy Murphy3_0317_626

This boy has the luck of the Irish! 2 year old Murphy was cast aside late one night at a crowded shelter. Lucky for him, our volunteer showed up the next day and saved him!

Beauty Beauty2_031917_626

7 year old Beauty could care less about sweaty old marathons or triathlon training. She would much rather stay by your side, keeping you company while the world goes by.

Rogers rogers small

Like to be active and explore new things? Well, 5 month old Rogers is just the companion you have been looking for.

Ramona Ramona5_0317_626

2 year old Ramona has a happy smile on her face whenever she sees you.

Tina and Trevo.. collage for Tina and Trevor

Tina and Trevor are very best friends. They don't even like to be separated for their photos! They must be placed together. But, that's ok - because these two are a delight.

Trader Joe .. traderjoe1_0317_626

Trader Joe aka "TJ" is a 6 year old boy who was facing a grim end. GSROC stepped in to change his fate.

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