Scooter (Napolean) Update
Monday, Apr 30,2007

I just wanted to give you one last update on Scooter. It will be 6 weeks tomorrow since we got Scooter and things are going pretty well. He seems to love our home and has picked his favorite little spots to lie in each room we hang out in; he follows us from room to room. He has put on about 8 pounds and it is all muscle – he is a solid little boy now! We take all 3 dogs on a 2 mile walk every morning before we go to work and he loves that – he is very energetic and still lively even at the end of the walk.

So overall he is a happy boy and I think he loves our home and us. Still wagging that tail constantly. He is still at the bottom of the pack, but every once in a while he gets uppity and tries to challenge Jake or Cali by nipping them or whatever. It’s funny, my husband says “Look, Scooter is trying to climb the Corporate ladder.” Then he gets put in his place, never with a big fight, just a lot of noise. Then we say “He’s hit the glass ceiling!” It’s actually kind of funny.

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