Sierra And Hedy Running Happy
Friday, Mar 30,2007

I’ve attached some photos of Hedy and Sierra. Sierra is the with her tongue hanging out. Hedy hates getting her picture taken, but loves to run… practically the only time we can sneak a shot. We realized after we got her that she hates all popping, clicking or cracking noises…She’s gotten a lot better, but still is sensitive to these sounds. Hedy is more hyper than Sierra, but she is MUCH, MUCH calmer now. She’s the “mom” of our family. Always looking out for everyone. She’s very loving. She had a mild case of food aggression (favorite treats) but is completely over that now.

Sierra has turned into the perfect dog. When we first got her, her tail stayed tucked between her legs for a month. She didn’t interact with people very much, she wouldn’t pee unless she was in our backyard. Now, her tail is always wagging (higher than normal), she is mellow yet playful, loves chasing bugs more than balls, learns super quick, has an extensive vocabulary and allows Hedy to play the role of dominate female.

We signed them up for training the week we got them and it made all the difference. Not only did my husband and I learn A LOT ourselves (we had never had any formal training before) but the girls really benefited. Sierra did so well in fact that the trainers mouth actually dropped during our exit test.

I thank God every day that we found GSROC and that we were able to give a home to these beautiful animals.

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