Spenser/Winchester Update!
Wednesday, May 09,2007

I took Spenser to the vet today to get the follow-up x-ray on his leg and it is now COMPLETELY HEALED!! We were so excited. If that big old plate and screws weren’t in there you would never know it had been shattered. His weight is up to 46# and we are going to put about another 4# on him, if possible. Then he will be at the perfect weight. I know it sounds crazy but he is actually getting bigger, height wise. He is now the same height as Gus and definitely stands taller. He has a huge appetite, eating the most of the three furrkids. His coat is shiny and thick. He is really a handsome guy now. His sense of ownership and protectiveness is amazing. I’m his mom and he reminds me of it every day.

So for the four thousandth time – THANK YOU!!


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