Please help Stevie.

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Stevie Wonder is 8 months old and is blind. Both of his retinas are detached, our vet believes this is a congenital defect. There is only one thing though......don't tell Stevie! You see, Stevie is already smart enough to know how to use all his other senses. He doesn't know what "blind" is - he just knows the world on his terms. On leash he will feel your presence and rocks his way down the street. Very confident smart little boy.

He likes car rides. Just give him a moment to hop in, figure out how the car is laid out and he is ready to roll! He even laid his head on our volunteer's shoulder while she drove him to freedom.

Stevie has a gorgeous red and black sable coat. He knows no fear, he has already climbed out of his run - he wanted to sit on top of it to check out his new digs.

Stevie needs a foster home so he can continue learning new skills and work towards finding a new home.

We introduced Stevie to some cats and he was unfazed. The cat walked right up to him and head bumped him. Stevie gave a sniff, was unimpressed and walked away.

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