Monthly Archives: March 2012

Mar 09,2012
Blog Dog – Zoey

Meet Zoey! She is our blog dog of the week! This little girl is sweet, smart and full of energy. Who knows why someone would ever want to let this furry angel go, but it’s alright, she’s forgotten the past and is ready to embark on a new journey into your heart! Please visit the […]

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Mar 01,2012
Blog Dog – Ketzel

Introducing Ketzel! This lovely girl is 2 years old and she likes cats. She is sweet, and loving and looking for someone with the same qualities to love her back. She has a beautiful coat and a doggie smile. Even more exciting is that she already knows some basic commands like “sit” and is excelling […]

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Fido Friendly Backyards

Having a dog can mean so much more than having a companion. They depend on their human caregivers to provide food, water, shelter and safety. Having a backyard area is one way to keep your canine friend happy. But, just like anything else you do for your pet, you must take safety precautions. Below is […]

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