Monthly Archives: July 2012

Jul 25,2012
Captain the GSD beaten to death

I recently read an article where a woman thought that some rescues were too thorough in their vetting of homes for the dogs in their care. She went on to […]

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Jul 24,2012
Itchy dog?

6 Common Reasons Why Pets Itch Just last week I got a call from one of our Pet Detectives located in Ohio. He called to report that one of the […]

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Jul 17,2012
Dog Days of Summer

Ever wonder where the term “Dog Days of Summer” came from? This came from the ancient Roman & Greek belief that Sirius aka “The Dogs Star” was the cause of […]

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Jul 15,2012
Puppies abandoned in desert!

PATRIOT & HIS SIBLINGS WERE ABANDONED IN THE DESERT! The situations that so many of our dogs come from are enough to break any heart, but when we learned what […]

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Jul 13,2012
Magi and Papi

The thing about being a true animal rescuer is that it doesn’t just happen when you schedule it. Sometimes, actually, it happens at the most inopportune times. A few summers […]

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Jul 11,2012

I realize that we are late to this conversation…too late, really. Lennox is gone. It never occurred to me that he would actually die. I truly believed they would do […]

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Jul 04,2012
4th of July

There is always a lot of talk about the dogs that end up in the shelters on the 5th of July and how important it is to keep your dogs […]

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