Monthly Archives: August 2012

Aug 24,2012
Dogs and kids

I have three dogs, a foster dog, a 20 year old cat and a two year old daughter. Crazy, right? I take my 2 year old daughter to the rescue events. She can be seen sitting in the puppy pen with puppies on any given Saturday out in front of a Petsmart. We walk our […]

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Aug 12,2012
Protecting our dogs from the heat

It is HOT here in Southern California. I live in a Coastal area and it is HOT, so I know it is hot, hot, hot out there. It was so hot that when I got up to take the dogs out for a quick walk this morning, 3 of the 4 opted out. They just […]

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Aug 11,2012
A Guest blogger-middle aged cuban girl: a “thing” for German Shepherds

Middle aged cuban girl: a “thing” for German Shepards…: [shepherds] Not too hard to figure it out really, having “volunteering for the German Shepard Rescue of Orange County” make #2 on my Fifty Things … This external blog article is by invite only – we apologize that it is not readily available to read by […]

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Aug 01,2012
Leaving your dogs with a petsitter

I have been volunteering with German Shepherd Rescue for more than a decade. That is a lot of years, a lot of homeless dogs, a lot of leaving dogs behind at a shelter because the sad truth is that we just cannot save them all. So, you would think I would have a pretty thick […]

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