Monthly Archives: November 2012

Nov 26,2012
Gifts that keep on giving for the dogs

At the holidays, we all wish that every dog could have a belly full of food, enough water and a great big bed in a warm home. Wouldn’t that be great? Well, we won’t be able to get all of them this year, but every little bit helps to get one more. So, when you […]

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Nov 19,2012
A caution about holiday overeating…for your dog

Los Angeles Animal Services Important Pet Alert Over-eating during Thanksgiving can be serious for pets too! Thanksgiving is the time of year when family and friends get together to enjoy each other’s company and a myriad of delicious foods. We have a tendency to include our four-legged family members in this feast, which often results […]

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Nov 14,2012
Extraordinary Efforts to save dogs

Today is Maria Dales birthday, and there are thousands of dogs who lived to see another day because of this lady. There isn’t much I can say about her that hasn’t been said already. She is dedicated and tireless in her quest to save dogs. You would think someone who has seen the dregs of […]

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Nov 11,2012
Dogs and food allergies

One of the most common problems presented to all veternarians is the itchy pet. Most often the source of itch is allergies. With conventional medicine, the treatment is often suppression and in difficult cases this can mean endless rounds of antibiotics and steroids. As clients and veterinarians become frustrated, they often begin to look for […]

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Nov 10,2012
I need to turn my dog in, but it isnt me…

I almost titled this blog… “I know EVERYTHING there is to know about dogs”, because I talked to two people today who did…they know everything about dogs, but still are dealing with issues that are so severe, they are literally costing these dogs their homes, and potentially their lives. My 12+ years of experience rescuing, […]

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Nov 09,2012
Rainy days and dogs

When it starts raining at our house, we have a drill- run up and grab 5-6 rugs and 3-4 towels put the rugs out underneath the dog doors incoming and outgoing go throw two door mats on the part of the grass that gets the muddiest bring in another water bowl so as to cut […]

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Nov 07,2012
Strangles, the puppy disease

Strangles One of the things about being a rescue volunteer that would have to go both in the pro and con column is that you learn about a lot of doggie diseases and disorders. Surprisingly, after over a decade, I am still learning new diseases. This week, we brought in a puppy from a shelter […]

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