A guest post from a Volunteer about….volunteering!
Wednesday, Sep 05,2012

Here is another way you can help at the German Shepherd Rescue of OC – contribute to our blog.

The below blog is from MaryBeth. She is part of the walking team. Her and the other walking team members go out every week and make sure our dogs who are being cared for in kennels, get out for a walk. This is very good for the dogs, and is also very helpful in us learning more about the dogs so we place them in the home that will be a perfect fit…after all, we are looking for forever homes.

From MaryBeth:

Often times when I tell someone that I volunteer with the German Shepherd Rescue of OC I get the following response or variations of: “I don't know how you do it, it would break my heart” or “I could never do that, I would want to take them all home!”

To be honest, both of those statements ring true when I am spending time with our dogs that are waiting for a home. As part of one of our walking teams, I spend time Sunday mornings taking some of our dogs out for a walk, roll in the grass and some well deserved belly rubs. There is nothing like the excitement they have when they come barreling out into the sun! Yes, it is hard to take them back knowing they are going back to kennel run, but I know that they have had a blast being out for even just an hour.

However, if the other volunteers or myself were not there for our dogs, who would be? It is because of the 150 plus volunteers at GSROC that thousands of dogs have been spared their lives and have found wonderful loving homes and many more dogs in the future will as well.

Do you have a special talent, time to donate or resources to lend and love German Shepherd Dogs? We would love to have you as part of our volunteer team! Check out to fill out the volunteer application….

I promise you that you won't regret having your heart strings tugged at when one of the GSROC dogs past or present recognize you with a tail wag followed by a big wet kiss!