Always asking for something…
Monday, Oct 08,2012

German Shepherd Rescue is in another voting contest to win money, and I started putting up the daily pleas on Facebook asking my friends and family to vote. I know it is a lot, but I really was shocked when I got a message from a “friend” saying that she was unfriending me because she couldn't stand the requests to vote all the time. No offense she said, but it bugged her. I chose not to respond at the time, and I really thought about it. I know it can be annoying…so I decided to look through the GSROC website at every single dog we have in the rescue right now. We have so many amazing dogs-

Henry, who was not treated kindly and could be such a jerk but instead is a big, handsome love bug.

Dolce who has been in the rescue so long. She is so beautiful and has had extensive training but was not socialized when she was younger so needs a special home with no other animals.

Connor who is just a baby who ended up in a high kill shelter because he has Mega-e so will need a family who can tend to his needs.

Dakota and Nevada who had obviously never been touched or loved before we got them. They would scream and urinate if touched…

So many dogs who are safe now, but still not in families. And then, there is the list of dogs who people are trying to surrender to us. Heartbreaking and frustrating stories and situations… but the worst ones are the URGENT emails that come daily from every shelter in Southern California with the list of dogs that will be euthanized that night if someone doesn't come. The numbers are staggering, the emails heartbreaking. The pictures are devastating. These dogs are not safe, and will not die peacefully in someone's arms. They will die alone and scared and that is why GSROC keeps on working to save one more…

That is why we ask people to vote. That is why we keep asking. We don't post the pictures of the terrified dogs waiting outside the Euthanization room… we just ask you to vote. We don't post the emails that people send us telling us the impound # of their 10 year old family dog they just dropped off at the shelter…we just ask you to vote. We don't share the stories of the dogs we couldn't save because our resources are stretched to the breaking point…we just ask you to vote.

We know that our GSROC people will vote, and vote and vote and help us win every contest and save every soul we can, and we thank you for that. We love you for that. So, please vote again-     🙂     $10,000 saves A LOT more dogs.