Available Dogs in GSROC care (approx. 71)


One year old Belle is good with children and other dogs. She lost her home when the children in her home developed allergies. GSROC offered to give her a new chance in life.


Happy and playful, 2 year old Sundance is ready to be your constant companion. He loves to play ball and will happily chase the ball as long as you are willing to throw it. He is housebroken and has had some training.


Sweet and a bit shy, 4 year old Rani landed in a crowded shelter with nowhere to turn. GSROC stepped in to offer her a new life. She likes other large dogs, but we have not yet seen her around small dogs.


Who can resist this little face? 3 month old Sadie, a Belgian Malinois puppy is guaranteed to capture your heart.


One year old Lucy likes people and gets along well with large dogs. Playful and energetic, she loves to play in the water.


Raven's family was transferred to another state and unable to take her along. Heartbroken, they reached out to GSROC for help.


Sweet and wiggly, 5 month old Mia is a Belgian Malinois looking for a home of her own. Playful and friendly, she is housebroken and in need of a foster home. If you are a fan of the Belgian Malinois breed - Mia is the girl for you.


Friendly and sweet,18 month old Tabitha turns heads when she walks by. Her blond "California girl" good looks make everyone take a second look. Once they stop to say hello, her sweet nature then steals their heart.


Throw that kong for me! 3 year old Hank loves his kong and boy, is he quick! Toss it for him and watch how quickly he runs to retrieve it. Watch his video and see.

Adoption Pending

Sweet and playful, Chaos is a young mix, about 6 months old. He walks well on a leash and is crate trained. He is a tiny bit shy when he first meets strangers but warms up quickly once he realizes you want to be his friend.


6 month old Angel found herself without a home and wasn't sure how to fix that. GSROC stepped in to help this sweet girl find a loving home.


Can you believe it? 7 month old Blaze was in a rural area, surrounded by coyotes. Yikes! Luckily he is now with GSROC and we have promised to help find him a loving home. Blaze is a Belgian Malinois and requires a home familiar with the breed.


2 year old Rocky is ready to become your very best friend. Housebroken and friendly, he promises to fill your days with fun.


8 month old Feather was suffering from a terrible case of mange when we first rescued her. She has made tremendous progress thanks to our supporters. She is receiving the necessary care at our vet Check out her new photos.


This 5 month old boy is another one of Penny's puppies. His happy personality and sunny good looks are soon to steal your heat! He has surfer blond good looks and a very expressive face.

Lady Pemberly

Lady Pemberly was adopted to a family 5 years ago and is now losing that home due to severe allergies which have developed in one of the adults in the home. Housebroken, sweet and loving, this 7 year old girl is looking for a new forever home.


2 year old Stormy was abandoned at the side of the road along with Windy. Who can just leave a dog and drive away? Can you imagine? This shy boy is looking for a home of his own.

Mr. Cooper

3 year old Mr. Cooper lost his home when the apartment complex where he lived would not let him stay. His family asked for our help and we made room for him in our lifeboat. He is looking for a quiet home with no small dogs.


One year old Auggie is a sweet young guy who has handsome markings and is going to be one good looking dog when he matures. He is looking for a home that will take the time to teach him his important doggy social skills so he can impress all he meets.


8 year old Rocco lost his home due to divorce. Suddenly, his finds himself without a home or family. He is looking for a calm home where he can enjoy hanging out and going for walks.


Braveheart was found, exhausted and overheated, by the side of the road.

Little Missy

Smart and happy, Little Missy loves to learn and has already mastered many of her basic commands. This 11 month old little girl likes car rides, hikes and all activities that keep her by your side. She loves her people.


Oh my goodness! 18 month old Jagger could be a doggy supermodel if he chose to. His classic good looks make people do a double take.


5 year old Clementine has such a sweet personality, she makes friends easily. She arrived at the shelter with a badly broken leg which needed to be amputated. That hasn't dampened her sunny personality.


4 year old Major has classic good looks and likes other dogs. He is a bit shy when he first meets you, but warms up quickly.


8 year old Zara is eager to start a new life. This lively girl has lots of pep and energy. Take a look at her new photos - she is a stunner.


Fun loving Bruno is an 18 month old head turner! His classic good looks will catch your attention. Like many teenaged GSDS, Bruno believes he is a cool guy and thinks highly of himself. Well, with looks like his, you really can't blame him.


One year old Rook has a sweet, loving personality. He lost his home due to his dislike of livestock. Turns out Rook is a city loving kinda guy. He likes other dogs and has good house manners.


This big ole guy is Hatchie. He is about 8.5 years old and ready to be your new companion. He will do best in an adult home.


2 year-old Opie is one strong dude. He is learning to like other friendly dogs, but small dogs are not his favorite things. He will do best with someone who has the physical strength to manage him as well as substantial experience with German Shepherds.


Clover is a 3 yr old female who is housebroken and knows her basic commands. A quiet home where she can be the only dog is best for Clover. She appears to be most comfortable around men.

Luna Lee

2 year old Luna Lee is ready for a new start in life. She is happiest with women as men appear to make her nervous. She likes to be outside soaking up the sun and will happily follow you around.


Friendly and sweet, 3 year old Shira is looking for a family that will love her forever. She so deserves a home of her very own. She has had training and will happily show you all that she nows.


7 year old Betsy is looking forward to finding a loving home and living a long and quiet life. She is a girl of moderate energy, happy to go for a walk but also happy to lay at your feet and keep you company.


3 year old Marie bonds quickly with her people and will do best with an experienced owner.


21/2 year old Cosmo is a friendly kind of guy with handsome blond good looks.

Adoption Pending

15 month old DAX had 2 broken legs and needed our help! He has now had his surgery and both legs have been treated. Check out his new photos on this page to see his progression and watch his video to see him during his aqua therapy.


7 year old Sadie is loving and appreciative of her people. She becomes anxious around other dogs and prefers a home where she can be the only dog in your life.


Sweet and petite, 7 year old Scarlett loves people and has lived with children in her previous home. Check out her new photos - she would love it if you could "boop" her nose!


Bandit is an 18 month GSD mix who likes other dogs and loves to cuddle. Playful and happy, he loves to play. Watch his latest video to see all the new things he has learned!