Available Dogs in GSROC care (approx. 65)

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7 month old Riley is so pretty - people stop and stare when she walks by.


1 year old Merry is a sweet girl but somewhat shy.


Playful and friendly, Asher is hoping Santa finds him a new home. His last home wasn't interested in Asher and dumped him in a rural area.


Frost may be one year old - but he is still very much a puppy. He is playful and fun.

Milo the Puppy

Milo the Puppy is part of the M litter and is a sibling of Marcus and Misty


3 month old Marcus is Misty's brother. Happy and curious, he loves to have a good time.


3 month old Misty is a cuddly, happy girl who is hoping Santa brings her a family to love.


4 month old Sparkle is a mix of GSD and something very sweet. Cuddly and playful she is ready to be the next member of your family.


Heather has completed her mommy duties and is ready to start her new life. Sweet, happy and friendly, she is ready to be a part of your family.

Aretha Frankli.. adopt a german shepherd - aretha

Aretha Franklln is a pretty young female who landed in an overcrowded shelter. Is that any way to show RESPECT? Aretha is one of our quartet named after famous singers.

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