Available Dogs in GSROC care (approx. 56)

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Eloise - Adoption Pending eloise

4 month old Eloise is your total cutie. Sweet, cuddly and a lovable puppy.

Big Max

Looking for a walking buddy? 2 year old Big Max is ready and willing.


2 year old Misty landed in a shelter when her family decided she had to go. Misty was kenneled with another large dog while at the shelter and had no issues.

Chief Thunderb..

5 year old Chief is currently a lost and sad soul. He lost the only home he has ever known through no fault of his own and doesn't understand why. He would love to find a loving family.


Two year old Creed was living in an unhealthy situation. When we heard of his plight, we rushed to save him.


7 month old Bingo is a happy guy and loves to please his people. He gets along well with other dogs and likes to play.

Winnie winnie

Cute and feisty, 4 month old Winnie is a german shepherd mix. She has a sweet personality and is hoping to meet you soon.


Happy and cuddly, Sheba believes she belongs in your lap cuddling with you.


Ace sees himself as a giant lap dog and doesn't realize how big he is. If you sit on the floor, he will come right up to you and plop into your lap so you can give him love and affection. He is best pals with Bruno


5 year old Bruno was found living in with his sibling, Ace. They are pals, but do not need to be placed together.

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