Available Dogs in GSROC care (approx. 72)


Meet Cody, a young, active and very handsome Belgian Malinois. Cody is looking for a very active family to share in their many activities.


Sugar is a happy teenaged husky mix who was found roaming alone in a rural area.


3 year old Ringo is a Belgian Malinois who was picked up as a stray by animal control. GSROC stepped in to offer him a brighter future. He requires a home familiar with the breed as he hs a very high drive and is strong.


4-month-old River is a GSD mix who found himself in a crowded shelter and no one came to claim him. GSROC stepped forward to give him a better life.


7-month-old Rio was picked up as a stray by animal control and landed in a high kill shelter alone and unwanted. This GSD mix is safe now with GSROC.


6 month old Bailey was so thrilled when she learned she had a new chance at life. She is eager to find a family of her very own to love.


7-month-old Isys is a young girl who was up for sale by her owner to obtain drugs. Luckily, a good Samaritan overheard the discussion and stepped forward to save Isys and then contacted GSROC.


4 year old Rosie was turned in by her family because they said they had too many dogs in their home. GSROC stepped in offer her a new lease on life. She has a friendly nature and likes people.


14 month old Jagger was thrilled when our rescuer showed up. He was emaciated and matted and desperate for attention.  He knew better times were ahead for him.


3 month old Iris and her 2 siblings have just arrived from a crowded shelter. Friendly and curious, she is looking for a forever home.


4 year old Maestro has just arrived from a crowded shelter. This sweet boy is housebroken, knows basic commands and loves to lean against you.


18 month old Missy lost her home when a new baby entered the scene. Her family no longer had time for her and asked GSROC for assistance.


5 year old Clementine has such a sweet personality, she makes friends easily. She arrived at the shelter with a badly broken leg which needed to be amputated. That hasn't dampened her sunny personality.


4 year old Major has classic good looks and likes other dogs. He is a bit shy when he first meets you, but warms up quickly.


8 year old Zara has not been treated kindly in her life and had a bad skin condition when she arrived. Her skin is improving thanks to treatment and she is eager to start a new life. This lively girl has lots of pep and energy.


Fun loving Bruno is an 18 month old head turner! His classic good looks will catch your attention. Like many teenaged GSDS, Bruno believes he is a cool guy and thinks highly of himself. Well, with looks like his, you really can't blame him.


Shaggy is a 2 month old puppy who was living in a car with his caregiver. GSROC stepped in to give him a new chance at a liife.

Scooby Doo

2 month old Scooby Doo is a little puppy who was living in a car with his caregiver. GSROC offered to help give him a new life.


8 year old Hatchie has just arrived from an overcrowded high kill shelter. He was very happy to leave that place behind! This boy loves his Kong toy!


One-year-old Opie is one strong dude. He is learning to like other friendly dogs, but small dogs are not his favorite things. He will do best with someone who has the physical strength to manage him as well as substantial experience with German Shepherds.


Max is a 3 year old size XL boy who bonds quickly with his people and is sometimes fearful around strangers. He will do best in an experienced, adult home. He is housebroken and enjoys car rides.


Zeus lost his home due to illness in his family. The family turned to GSROC for help. Zeus is looking for a new family to love.

Sweet Tessa

Need a smile? Then, come meet Tessa. This 9–10 month old sweetie is a happy, friendly girl who loves to make new friends. You just can't help but smile when you meet her!

Carl’s J..

7 month old Carl's Jr is a member of the Fast Food litter. He is growing into a big, big boy.


One year old Stella was wandering in a local neighborhood with no owner in sight. She has a gorgeous coat and classic markings.


Clover is a 3 yr old female who is housebroken and knows her basic commands. A quiet home where she can be the only dog is best for Clover. She appears to be most comfortable around men.

Luna Lee

One year old Luna Lee is ready for a new start in life. She is happiest with women as men appear to make her nervous. She likes to be outside soaking up the sun and will happily follow you around.


One year old Cupid has completed the FHO surgery needed to correct his hip deformity and has recuperated in his foster home. This sweet guy is ready to find his forever home.


7 month old Koda is a happy guy who likes to play and have fun. He likes the other dogs in his foster home and has a sweet nature.


Friendly and sweet, 15 month old Shira is looking for a family that will love her forever. She so deserves a home of her very own.


6 year old Betsy is looking forward to finding a loving home and living a long and quiet life.


2 year old Marie has finished her motherhood duties and is ready to start her new life. She bonds quickly with her people and will do best with an experienced owner.


2 year old Cosmo is a friendly kind of guy with handsome blond good looks.

Adoption Pending

Momma Shellie has completed her motherhood duties and is ready to find her forever home. This girl is housebroken, likes other dogs and is eager to find a family of her own.


7 month old Buster was picked up as a stray and landed in a scary shelter. That's no way to treat a cute puppy!


Madeline is the best friend of Malachi. This 18 month old girl landed in a crowded shelter along with her pal Malachi. they are the very best of friends and must be placed together.


18 month old Malachi is a gorgeous boy who has just arrived. He is a friendly guy who likes to have fun. He is best friends with Madeline who came in with him. They need to be placed together.


5 year old Sadie is loving and appreciative of her people. She becomes anxious around other dogs and prefers a home where she can be the only dog in your life.


Sweet and petite, 5 year old Scarlett loves people and has lived with children in her previous home. Check out her new photos - she would love it if you could "boop" her nose!


Bandit is a one year old GSD mix who likes other dogs and loves to cuddle. He may be mixed with labrador and husky mixed in.