Available Dogs in GSROC care (approx. 62)

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Darkly handsome, 3 year old Chico lost his home when it burned down! We have promised to find him a new home, can you help?


18 month old Benji is a gorgeous GSD mix who has had some obedience training and is ready to show you all that he knows.


18 month old Roxy was left at a shelter by her family. When no interest was shown, GSROC was contacted for assistance.

Harlowe harlowe - adopt german shepherd

2 year old Harlowe will happily pose for photos whenever requested. Her big doggy smile lights up the camera. She is ready to call you her new friend - all you have to do is come to meet her.

Kimmie kimmie-adopt german shepherd

One year old Kimmie has just arrived from a crowded shelter. Timid and shy, she needs some time to decompress. A foster home for this sweet girl is desperately needed.

Lil Bobby lil bobby-adopt german shepherd

2 year old Lil Bobby is so glad to be able to leave that noisy, scary shelter in the rearview mirror. Picked up as a stray by animal control, he was facing a grim end until GSROC stepped in.


One year old Harvey smiled when he saw the GSROC representative. He knew he was leaving that scary shelter and GSROC would help find him a family of his own.


Ghost has a large lump on his face and needs immediate treatment! Can he count on your support? Funds are needed for his surgery.


2 year old Buddy suffered the loss of his owner and his home. His family could no longer keep him and turned to GSROC for help.

Ruger ruger-adopt german shepherd

3 year old Ruger suffered the ultimate betrayal. His family moved away and left him behind. Luckily a neighbor stepped in to ensure Ruger could find a more loving ho me.

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