Available Dogs in GSROC care (approx. 56)

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18 month old Gunner got left behind when his family moved away. We couldn't stand by and watch another sweet dog be abandoned, so we stepped in to offer him a better home.

Pebbles - Adoption Pending

2 month old Pebbles is a fluffy cuddle bug. One look at her cute puppy face and your heart will melt.


2 month old Wilma is a busy girl who likes to play. Be careful though! She also likes to nibble toes!


2 month old Brutus is a big boy and super sweet. He lets his sibling take the lead when they are being mischievous. He knows big puppy eyes will keep him out of trouble!

Scooby scooby-adopt a german shepherd

Confident and adventurous, 2 month old Scooby likes to play with the other dogs in his foster home.

Popeye - Adoption Pending

2 month old Popeye loves to be with people and have fun. He can't wait to have a family of his very own.

Olive Oil - Adoption Pending

2 month old Olive Oil was left at a scary shelter with her sibling, Popeye. Is that any way to treat a little puppy? GSROC didn't think so and we rushed to save her.


Jane is Jake's sibling. This sweet 10 week old little girl is filled with curiosity and fun. She loves to play with her sibling and foster sister.


10 week old Jake found himself alone and unwanted in a big, scary shelter.  How could such a cutie like this end up dumped and unwanted? All that is behind him now. This cute, playful boy is ready for a loving home.

Erik erik-adopt german shepherd

One year old Erik arrived with a doggy cold from a crowded shelter. He is recuperating.

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