Available Dogs in GSROC care (approx. 46)

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Mr. Shadow

5 year old Mr. Shadow is ready to start a new chapter in his life.

Zsa Zsa

Lively and energetic, one year old Zsa Zsa is ready to bring excitement into your life. Zsa Zsa is always ready to get out and have a blast. Looking for an exercise pal? Zsa Zsa will sign right up.


2 year old Walker has gorgeous markings and always has a bright smile on his face. Lively and filled with fun, Walker is a energetic husky mix. He would love to be part of an active family


3 year old Dixie is extremely thin and needs to gain weight. Regardless, she is a sweet girl who knows her basic commands and is eager to get a new start in life. Click on her page to watch her video!


6 year old Dodger is size XL. He needs an adult only, experienced home. This boy was allowed to become obese in his former home and we are helping Dodger to get back in shape.


4 year old Rhea is a beautiful black and red female. She is approximately 70 pounds. Friendly and sweet, she lost her home when her owner moved and did not take her along.


3 year old Jackson is looking for a family he can call his own. He is very shy and uncertain right now. A calm, understanding foster home is needed for this boy.


Fern is a 2 year old girl with a sweet, happy personality. She is busy making friends with the other large dog in her foster home. She recently met her foster mom's grandchildren and had a blast playing with them.


Sweet and petite, Bonita is perfect for a townhome or condo. She likes people and gets along with most large dogs.


3 year old Amberlynn is ready to be a part of a family. She will thrive in an adult home.

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