Available Dogs in GSROC care (approx. 69)

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Happy, sweet and lovable, this 3 month old girl really is a Peach!


Handsome and confident, Midnight is one big boy.


One year old Rex is housebroken and has a soft personality. When he meets new people, he gives you a sweet doggy smile.


3 month old Wynona is cute and cuddly. She loves to play with her brother, Winston. Wynona is a talkative little girl who likes to talk to her people.


Happy and laid back, 3 month old Winston was found abandoned in an industrial area.


Sweet and cuddly, 6 month old Neecee is a cute puppy girl who is eager to start a new life. ADOPTION PENDING


Hershey has striking good looks. This young guy is a GSD/Malinois mix with a dark face and lean body. Happy, friendly and ready for fun - Hershey will bring fun to your life.


Polite and friendly, 3 year old Paisley has a quiet demeanor. She has classic coloring and likes to look her best.

Jasper adoptagermanshepherd - jonas

Sweet and goofy, 2 year old Jasper often acts likes a puppy in a big dog's body.


Simpson is the last member of our "S" puppy litter. No worries though - he is just as cute as the rest!

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