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3 month old Pierre is a cute little guy who likes to cuddle and is ready to be your very best pal.


18 month old Twinkie is a husky who stowed away in our van and landed at GSROC. She is a sweet girl who likes other dogs.


18 month old Remus has just arrived from a faraway shelter.


Niner is a 6 year old male who was picked up as a stray and landed in a far away shelter.


3 year old Terra gave a big doggy smile when she realized GSROC was going to spring her from that scary shelter.


Lobo is a big boy who is 8 years old.


2 year old Barnaby is a big boy and so happy to get out of that crowded shelter. We have promised to help him find a new life.


Kai is an 8 year old male who has had a hard life. it is time for him to be pampered.


4 year old Jasmine has just arrived from a crowded shelter. GSROC to the rescue!


Handsome and charming, 2 year old Katsu is looking for someone to call his own. His name, which means victory is unique just like Katsu. He caught a tummy virus in the shelter and is recuperating.

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