Coming Soon (approx. 10)


3 year old Holly is a sweet girl who just wants to be friends.


Shy and sweet, one year old Goldie is looking for a friend to love. She is a smaller girl, she weighs in at 55 pounds. Poor girl picked up a tummy bug at the shelter and she is recuperating with GSROC.


Tiny little Johnny is just a baby. Still, he was left at a crowded shelter, alone and defenseless. He needs our help and he needs it NOW! You see, the shelter discovered, he is battling PARVO and immediate help is needed. Can we count on your support?

Cocoa adopt a german shepherd - cocoa

5 year old Cocoa is Pancho's very best friend. She has spent all her time with him in a backyard.


5 year old Poncho lived with a backyard breeder. Poncho has missed out on a lot in life and GSROC wants to provide him with a better life.


14 month old Scout is a pretty girl who needs a new home. She is sad at the loss of her family and is eager to find someone to love. She has come down with a tummy virus and is working to overcome that.


Darcy is a quiet, shy girl who is unsettled by the changes in her situation. She will thrive in a quiet, understanding home.


One year old Marcy is looking forward to finding a life filled with love and happiness.

Logan adopt a german shepherd -logan

18 month old Logan will thrive with an owner who can provide him the limits and structure he craves.


Alexandra is only 2 years old and already a mother! When we told her we would help her find a loving home where she would no longer be a breeding machine, she was thrilled.