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11 month old Porter is blind but that doesn't stop him. He is cuddly and looking for love.


6 month old Semper was brought into the shelter with a severe injury to his front leg. He needs immediate treatment,, can he count on your support?

Echo echo

Super sweet and friendly, Echo is a one year old who is already a big fella. Echo has come down with a doggy cold. He is now resting and recuperating.


Boomer is a one year old male who caught a nasty cold in the shelter. That could be a death sentence. We scooped him into our lifeboat.


Sargent is a classically handsome 6-year-old boy with a gentle demeanor. He caught a doggy cold in the shelter and it has progressed to pneumonia. He needs our help and he needs it quickly! Can he count on you?


4 month old Willow has recuperated from her surgery and is busily doing her stretches and exercises. This little girl wants to be in tip top shape. She is eager to get back to full puppy mode!


One year old Wesley is a big hambone. He likes to have a good time.


Terrified and unsure, Kyrie is a 6 month old puppy who landed at a shelter and GSROC has offered to find her a new home. This little girl desperately needs a foster home that will help make her feel secure and loved.

Cocoa adopt a german shepherd - cocoa

5 year old Cocoa is Pancho's very best friend. She has spent all her time with him in a backyard.


Alexandra is only 2 years old and already a mother! When we told her we would help her find a loving home where she would no longer be a breeding machine, she was thrilled.