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6 month old Ruby's owner moved away and left her and her pal Ricky behind. GSROC stepped in to help this bonded pair find a new life.


9 month old Rocky lost his home when his owner moved away and left him behind.


Rookie is a 2-3 year old handsome boy who likes children and other friendly dogs. He is looking for a home that is looking for a friendly dog just like him.


Let's have some fun! 8 month old Martin is ready to be your very best pal. Looking for a guy who is fun loving, cute and energetic? Look no further!

Miss Sherlock

Miss Sherlock is 12-18 month old who is ready for a fresh start! She was rescued from a very overcrowded shelter, along with several other shepherds.


Mercury is a cute little boy who snuck into our lifeboat when our volunteer wasn't looking! He is a husky puppy and is full of fun.


Shy and timid, Rhianna is looking for a new start in life. She was rescued from a hoarder and was overwhelmed when she first arrived. Watch her video on her page to see how she has progressed.

Mama Layla

Mama Layla and gave birth to her 7 babies out in the desert heat. Only 4 of them survived. GSROC made room for their on our lifeboat when we heard their story. They need our help - can they count on your support?


Gretel and Goldie are the very bestest of friends and need to be placed together. They are gentle and shy and are looking for a calm home. The girls like other large dogs but chase cats. Currently they are in training as they are very skittish.


Goldie and Gretel are the very best of friends. These 2 GSD mixes are approximately 1 year old. They go everywhere together and tell each other their secrets. They must be adopted together. Currently they are very skittish and are in training.