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Olivia is a smaller girl, approximately 55 pounds. She caught a cold in the shelter and is recuperating.


2 year old Rheanna caught a doggy cold in that crowded shelter and has a runny nose too. She is resting and recuperating.


Paloma arrived from a crowded shelter with a case of the sniffles. She is recuperating and will be ready to meet new people very soon.


One year old Rex is housebroken and has a soft personality. When he meets new people, he gives you a sweet doggy smile.

Rylee Girl

7 month old Rylee Girl likes to have fun. After all, what puppy doesn't?


Sugar is as sweet as can be. This 7 month old little girl loves to have a good time. She and Tiny are a bonded pair.


Tiny is a 7 month old female who doesn't live up to her name. This girl is going to be a gorgeous big girl when she grows up! She and Sugar are a bonded pair

Jasper adoptagermanshepherd - jonas

Sweet and goofy, 2 year old Jasper often acts likes a puppy in a big dog's body.


Lila is a sweet, happy girl who loves people. Open the car door, and LIla hops in. She is always ready for a new adventure.

Bruce adopt a german shepherd - bruce

Bruce needs our help. He is suffering from a horrible skin condition and is very uncomfortable. Can he count on your support?