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2 year old Lyla is ready to be your very best friend.


Motown has classic good looks and is hoping to find a family of his own.


Friendly and sweet, 1 year old Dalton was found wandering a neighborhood. When no one came to claim him, GSROC was contacted.


Jordon has fly strike on her ears which lead us to believe she was living her life as an outdoor dog.  This friendly girl is safe with GSROC and looking forward to a new life. 


Jacob has just arrived at GSROC and is settling in.


4 year old Troy has just arrived at GSROC and we are getting to know him.  He had been abandoned and was in need of rescue.  


2 year old Ozzy was found wandering in a rural area. When efforts to find his family failed, GSROC was contacted for help. Once he learned he was safe, he gave us a big doggy smile.


Kali is a GSD mix who loved getting attention from our volunteer staff. She is a bit shy at first but sweet.


11 month old Cooper has just arrived at GSROC and we are getting to know him. A quiet, adult home is best for Cooper.


Eli's owner died and he became homeless. We have promised him a new beginning.

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