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Red Rover

One year old Red Rover was rescued from a rural area in the Inland Empire. We are getting to know him.

Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose and her babies were found in a very remote part of the Inland Empire. They were alone and abandoned. They are safe now with GSROC.


2 year old Pogo landed in a shelter with a broken leg with no help in sight. Enter GSROC! Happy, friendly and energetic, this sweet boy is making great progress in his rehabilitation.


Don't be fooled by 6 month old Kuczo's sweet face. Named after the emperor in a recent Disney film, Kuczo can be a sweetie but he also likes getting his own way. An experienced home, willing to set limits is a must for this boy


2 year old Vega is one of our "Desert Diamonds"- a group of dogs discovered during a law enforcement raid. This gorgeous girl is working to gain more self confidence.


2 year old Leslie lost her home when her owner died. She has successfully found homes for all her puppies. It is Leslie's turn to find a forever home of her own.


2 year old Wesley who is looking for a quiet home. He is happiest away from the hustle and bustle of crowds and would rather spend time quietly with his people. He is a big guy, size XL.


3 year old Sylvia was being treated for a bad case of demodectic mange. Her skin was dry, cracked and itchy. Our volunteers have been providing medicated baths and she is making great progress. Check out her new photos to see how great she looks!


2 year old Natasha is looking for a quiet home. She doesn't want to be the life of the party, she is happy hanging out on the sidelines watching the action.


2 year old Ernie was in tremendous pain and needed our help. He had a shattered leg and surgery was needed to repair it. He is recuperating now and would love a foster home. Click on his page for his update.