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Who would treat a dog this way? 3 year old Flora landed in a shelter with a collar or chain so tightly embedded in her neck, it had to be surgically corrected! Can she count on your help?

PB Brownie

One year old Peanut Butter Brownie has just arrived from a crowded shelter. This petite mix has a cheerful attitude and a doggy smile on her face.


Mercedes landed in a crowded shelter and no one came to claim her. GSROC stepped in to provide her with a second chance at happiness.


One year old Marla was picked up as a stray. When no one came to claim her from the shelter, GSROC stepped in.


2 year old Chevy was abandoned with her babies. Filthy, hungry and emaciated, Chevy was determined to keep her babies safe until help came. GSROC came to save her.


Pretty girl Ferris is a 2 year old girl who is excited about finding a family of her very own. She has a quiet, polite personality.

Young Milo

One year old Young Milo is a typical youngster - lively, energetic and full of curiosity. He is alert to his surroundings and walks well on a leash. Click on his page to see him in action!


6 year old Rex is looking for a quiet adult home with no cats or other dogs. He is a handsome boy who has had some training.6 year old

Puppy Bear

Jam packed with energy - 9 month old Puppy Bear is looking for active home. This boy is busy, busy, busy. He is inquisitive and loves to play. He will thrive in a home dedicated to help him develop into a fabulous adult GSD. IN TRAINING!

Mr. Shadow

5 year old Mr. Shadow is ready to start a new chapter in his life. He lived with small dogs in his prior foster home and was fine with large ones too. He has an ear infection which is being treated.