Meet The Malinois (approx. 8)

With a recent increase in the number of homeless Belgian Malinois dogs, the German Shepherd Rescue of OC has welcomed several Mals into our life raft. Belgian Malinois are not the same breed as German Shepherds, and while they share some similar traits, adopters should become acutely familiar with the breed before choosing to adopt one. Belgian Malinois are very high-driven, very energetic, and very intelligent dogs and as such, they do not do well waiting at home all day for an owner to return from work. If you are not extremely athletic with a good exercise routine, this is probably not the right breed for you. They require twice as much exercise as the average large dog.

If you believe you can offer a Belgian Malinois a home with exercise, leadership, patience, and a very stable routine, these dogs are available for adoption.

Application, home visit, and donation are required prior to placement.


14 month old Andre is a belgian malinois who was facing a grim ending. GSROC stepped in to bring him to safety. He has a sweet personality and likes people.


6 month old Paige is a Belgian Malinois and needs a home familiar with the breed. Lively, energetic and full of curiosity, Paige is ready to be part of an active family's lifestyle.


Sweet 3 month old Denali is a female Belgian Malinois puppy. Filled with energy and drive, she is alert to her surroundings and will bark to alert her people. A home familiar with this breed is just the ticket for Denali.


This 5 month old girl was being kept in the dirt, alone, ignored and she didn't even have a name! We got the call and rushed to save this sweet girl. We have named her Liberty. She needs a quiet home that will help her learn how to make friends.


11 month old Zeus lost his home due to illness in his family. The family turned to GSROC for help. Zeus is looking for a new family to love.