Available Dogs in GSROC care (approx. 59)


5 year old Paige and her friend Diesel are a bonded pair and need to be placed together.

Puppy Bear

Happy, friendly and filled with energy - 7 month old Puppy Bear wants to be part of an active home. This boy is busy, busy, busy. He is inquisitive and loves to play. He chases the cat often, so perhaps a feline free home for him.


Darkly handsome good looks and lots of intelligence, 3 year old Stitch has cornered the market on fabulous! He has a sweet personality and likes people.

Mr. Shadow

5 year old Mr. Shadow is ready to start a new chapter in his life. He lived with small dogs in his prior foster home and was fine with large ones too.


12 year old Malkovich is bonded with his gal pal Eva. These 2 must be placed together.


9 year old Eva is bonded with her pal Malcovich. These 2 are like an old married couple. If they could talk, they would finish each other's sentences. They must be placed together.


9 year old Dukester 's owner became ill and could no longer care for him. This proud guy has classic coloring and a classic GSD personality.


Lively and curious, 2 year old Stormy is a sweet husky with lots of energy. She is active, curious and athletic.


3 year old Dixie is extremely thin and needs to gain weight. Regardless, she is a sweet girl who knows her basic commands and is eager to get a new start in life. Click on her page to watch her video!


9 year old Barney has a sweet frosted face. He lost his home when his owner became very ill. He is a gentle guy who is ready to keep you company.