Available Dogs in GSROC care (approx. 55)


Do you like donuts and coffee in the morning? Then 2 year old Jacob may be the partner you are looking for. He isn't interested in the coffee - but he is always ready to share your donut. This young guy is happy, friendly and wants to be your friend.


Eli's owner died and he became homeless. He came in with his friend, Brother Max. We have promised him a new beginning. Eli is 4 years old.

Brother Max

3 year old Max lost his home when his owner died. He and Eli lived together and are friends. We promised Max we would find him a new loving home.


JJ's family found they no longer have time for him due to their work schedule. This 4 year old boy is looking for a new family to love.

Mr. Atlas

Mr. Atlas is a 7 year old gorgeous boy who lost his home due to his owner's illness. He takes his role of family protector seriously and will do best with an experienced owner.


Happy was adopted as a puppy and now finds himself in need of a new home. He will thrive in a home that is looking for just one dog.


10 year old Tecate has not had an easy life prior to comoing to GSROC. She had been living on the streets and was so thin! Now, with love and proper nutrition, she is doing so much better. Check out her new photos. She is ready to find her new home.


Pete is an 8 year old boy who has lived a less than luxurious life. He is safe with GSROC now and looking forward to a brighter life.


Magnum was roaming a neighborhood for over a month, alone and frightened. GSROC was called for help and he is now safe with us. He is a strong guy who will do best with an experienced owner in an adult home.


5 month old Riley is working on her confidence and is looking forward to finding a home of her own.