Available Dogs in GSROC care (approx. 67)


Age: 4 years Throw that kong for me! Hank loves his kong and boy, is he quick! Toss it for him and watch how quickly he runs to retrieve it. Watch his video and see. He has successfully completed his obedience training.


Age: 2 years Auggie is a GSD/Husky mix and has an independent nature. He is looking for a home that will provide him with boundaries and consistency in training. He very much wants to succeed.


Age: 3 years Oh my goodness! Jagger could be a doggy supermodel if he chose to. His classic good looks make people do a double take.


Age: 3 years Clover is a female who is housebroken and knows her basic commands. A quiet home where she can be the only dog is best for Clover. She appears to be most comfortable around men.


Age: 3 years Friendly and sweet, Shira is looking for a family that will love her forever. She so deserves a home of her very own. She has had training and will happily show you all that she nows.


Age: 3 years 3 year old Marie bonds quickly with her people and will do best with an experienced owner. This girl loves to play ball.


Age: 3 years 3 year old Cosmo is a friendly kind of guy with handsome blond good looks. He is a playful, active boy who loves to go for walks.

Bandit Happy Dog Available for Adoption

Age: 3 years Bandit is a GSD mix who likes other dogs and loves to cuddle. Playful and happy, he loves to play. Watch his latest video to see all the new things he has learned! He will do best in an adult home.


Age: 9 years 9 year old Buddy loves his people and lived with children in his previous home. He seems to always have a doggy smile on his face.


Age: 9 years 9 year old Olaf is one smart fella. He has had obedience training and will gladly show you all he knows.


Age: 6 years Intelligent 6 year old Angelo likes to play. He can become protective of his family very quickly and needs an owner who will set the limits he craves. A quiet, adult home is best for this guy. Watch his video to see how much he loves to play ball.


Age: 6 years Throw that ball! If 6 year old Obi could talk - that is what he would be saying. This athletic guy loves to be active. Playing ball, running and splashing in the pool. We recommend an adult, GSD experienced home for this big boy.

Super Max & Trinity

Age: 9 years 9 year old Super Max, or Max for short and his pal Trinity are the very best of friends. They must be placed together.


Age: 7 years 7 year old Rocket has classic markings and turns heads when he walks in the park.

Kris Male German Shepherd Available for Adoption

Age: 9 years 9 year old Kris is a sweet boy who needs a quiet home that is going to be patient with him as he slowly gains trust with his new people.


Age: 5 years 5 year old Knight loves to play and is great with children. He prefers to be the only dog in your home. He can be a bit shy when he first meets you but bonds quickly and is a loyal friend.


Age: 2 years Google classically gorgeous german shepherd and you will be directed to Cooper! Yes, he is that handsome. 4 year old Cooper spent the first year of his life in a small apartment. He never went for walks, other than to relieve himself. As a result, he is not always comfortable in new situations and needs a calm, adult home to thrive.

Mr. Atlas

Age: 11 years Mr. Atlas is a 11 year old gorgeous boy who lost his home due to his owner's illness. He takes his role of family protector seriously and will do best with an experienced owner.


Age: 8 years Jane is almost 8 years old and really wants a home of her own! If you're looking for love and loyalty, check this girl out!

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