Available Dogs in GSROC care (approx. 83)

Luna Lee

One year old Luna Lee is ready for a new start in life. She is happiest with women as men appear to make her nervous. She likes to be outside soaking up the sun and will happily follow you around.


7 month old Koda is a happy guy who likes to play and have fun. He likes the other dogs in his foster home and has a sweet nature.


Friendly and sweet, 15 month old Shira is looking for a family that will love her forever. She so deserves a home of her very own.


6 year old Betsy is looking forward to finding a loving home and living a long and quiet life.


2 year old Marie has finished her motherhood duties and is ready to start her new life. She bonds quickly with her people and will do best with an experienced owner.


2 year old Cosmo is a friendly kind of guy with handsome blond good looks.


11 month old DAX had 2 broken legs and needed our help! He has now had his surgery and both legs have been treated. Check out his new photos on his page to see his progression and watch his video to see him during his aqua therapy.


Madeline is the best friend of Malachi. This 18 month old girl landed in a crowded shelter along with her pal Malachi. they are the very best of friends and must be placed together.


18 month old Malachi is a gorgeous boy who has just arrived. He is a friendly guy who likes to have fun. He is best friends with Madeline who came in with him. They need to be placed together.


5 year old Sadie is loving and appreciative of her people. She becomes anxious around other dogs and prefers a home where she can be the only dog in your life.


Sweet and petite, 5 year old Scarlett loves people and has lived with children in her previous home. Check out her new photos - she would love it if you could "boop" her nose!


Bandit is a one year old GSD mix who likes other dogs and loves to cuddle. He may be mixed with labrador and husky mixed in.


5 year old Frankie is a happy guy who is looking for a home with another friendly female dog. Playful and smart, he is ready to be your constant companion. Click on his page to watch his video.


7 year old Buddy loves his people and lived with children in his previous home. He seems to always have a doggy smile on his face.


7 year old Olaf is one smart fella. He has had obedience training and will gladly show you all he knows.


Clay is a happy, lively guy with lots of energy. He is 2-3 years old and is always ready to get up and go! An active family willing to continue his training is just the ticket for this handsome guy.


3 year old Rumi bonds quickly with her people and prefers a quiet environment without a lot of commotion. An adult environment is best for this girl. Like to play ball? Rumi is the girl for you. Watch her video to see her in action!


Intelligent 3 year old Angelo likes to play. He can become protective of his family very quickly and needs an owner who will set the limits he craves. A quiet, adult home is best for this guy. Watch his video to see how much he loves to play ball.


5 year old Scooby is ready to be bring fun into your life. Car rides? Scooby is ready to go! His favorite thing? Watching Scooby Doo cartoons on TV of course! Scooby needs some time to get to know new people, but once he is comfortable with you, he is your friend forever.


Dallas is a 2 year old with classic good looks and handsome markings. He needs an experienced home familiar with the breed.


Koko is a stunning 2.5 year old Belgian Malinois on the smaller side. Her owners were very sad to give her up when they moved to a no dogs allowed apartment. Koko lived with children and a small dog.


Throw that ball! If 4 year old Obi could talk - that is what he would be saying. This athletic guy loves to be active. Playing ball, running and splashing in the pool. We recommend an adult, GSD experienced home for this big boy.

Super Max and ..

8 year old Super Max, or Max for short and his pal Trinity are the very best of friends. They must be placed together.


6 year old Rocket has classic markings and turns heads when he walks in the park.


9 year old Kris is a sweet boy who needs a quiet home that is going to be patient with him as he slowly gains trust with his new people.


4 year old Knight had a tragic accident the day he was adopted which left him with a broken back. After surgery and months of rehab, he is doing well, but he needs additional comfort care. Sponsors are needed for his weekly acupuncture treatments and joint support medications. Can he count on your support?


4 year old Stitch has completed some professional training and believes he is ready to find a family of his very own. Stitch needs an experienced owner and an adult home.

Mr. Shadow

5 and 1/2 year old Mr. Shadow is ready to start a new chapter in his life. Check out his new photos, his California blond good looks will steal your heart!


7 year old Dodger is size XL. He needs an adult only, experienced home. He has been following a low calorie diet and increased his exercise. He has now lost 50 pounds and is a lean doggy now.


Spike has made giant strides in his return to good health. He is a wonderful, fun-loving dog who loves his toys. He likes people and is looking forward to starting a new life.


Google classically gorgeous german shepherd and you will be directed to Cooper! Yes, he is that handsome. Two year old Cooper spent the first year of his life in a small apartment. He never went for walks, other than to relieve himself. As a result, he is not always comfortable in new situations and needs a calm, adult home to thrive.

Mr. Atlas

Mr. Atlas is a 7 year old gorgeous boy who lost his home due to his owner's illness. He takes his role of family protector seriously and will do best with an experienced owner.


4 year old Natasha is looking for a quiet home. She doesn't want to be the life of the party, she is happy hanging out on the sidelines watching the action.


9 year old Pete loves people and doesn't like to share their attention with other dogs. He's happiest with a one dog family.


Lobo has been through a lot in his 9 years. He was dropped at a shelter because he "got too big". He is looking for someone to give him a fresh start.


8 year old Cocoa was used as a breeding machine and never had a carefree doggy life. This beautiful girl deserves a better life and we have promised to help her find one.


7 year old Simba is a handsome guy with a classic GSD personality. He will thrive in an experienced home.


Jane is almost 8 years old and really wants a home of her own! If you're looking for love and loyalty, check this girl out!


8 year old Ella would love to be a part of an adult only home. She likes her environment calm and organized.