Available Dogs in GSROC care (approx. 65)


Young Robby has classic markings and a pleasant demeanor.


Tommy is a young guy who always seems to be smiling. Doggy grins from ear to ear. This happy guy likes people and will bring lots of joy into your life.

Asla asla-adopt german shepherd

3 year old Asla is an American Eskimo mix. Such a good looking boy! He is a medium sized dog who has good leash manners.


Trixie is a 4 year old female who is so excited about getting a new start in life.


4 year old Raven is a beautiful girl who is looking for a new home. She is housebroken and enjoys being the only dog in her owner's life. She knows she is special and is confident she convince you of that as well.

Gracie gracie-adopt german shepherd

Gracie is a 6 month old GSD mix. She is hoping to find a family to love. Gracie believes she knows the way things should be done and tends to let other dogs know that.


6 month old Frankie is a cute little guy. Take a look at those soulful eyes and you will fall in love instantly.

Roxy roxy - adopt german shepherd

18 month old Roxy was left at a shelter by her family. When no interest was shown, GSROC was contacted for assistance.

Harlowe harlowe - adopt german shepherd

2 year old Harlowe will happily pose for photos whenever requested. Her big doggy smile lights up the camera. She is ready to call you her new friend - all you have to do is come to meet her.


Ghost is a big boy who likes to make friends. Scratch his ears and give him a pat and you will have made a friend.