Available Dogs in GSROC care (approx. 68)


Jake is a 5 year old coated male who likes to play ball. He even has his very own video.

Achilles adopt a gsd - achilles

Achilles is already homeless and he is not even a year old. GSROC has promised to find him a loving new home.

Soara adopt a german shepherd- soara

Soara is only 1-2 years old and has already experienced motherhood and abandonment. GSROC is dedicated to providing her with a better life.


4 year old Cupid is part of our Reindeer Dog group. Recently rescued from a backyard breeder/hoarder, she is delighted to start her new life!

Roman adopt a german shepherd-Roman

Roman is a 2 year old boy recently rescued from a crowded urban shelter. He told us he was so happy to be out of that place!

Astro adopt german shepherd - astro

Want to stay in shape and need a jogging buddy? Just call Astro! He is always ready to have a good time.


This tiny puppy was dumped in a garbage can in the middle of an agricultural field! GSROC found out and rushed to save her. ADOPTION PENDING

Max Ryan

18 month old Max Ryan stops traffic when he walks by. This big boy is just oh, so handsome!


Titan has lived a terrible life prior to GSROC. He lived in horrific conditions, chained and kept in squalor. All of that is behind him now. We have promised to find him a wonderful new life.

Lucky Boy adopt german shepherd- Lucky Boy

Believe it or not, Lucky Boy has cats to thank for his new start in life! Friendly and social Lucky Boy likes to make friends.