Available Dogs in GSROC care (approx. 67)


5 month old Twix is a cute little boy. Happy and playful, he is one of the Candy Bar Litter.

Bogie Adopt a german shepherd -bogie

Bogie is a 2 year old boy who is ready for a new start in life.

Scout adopt a german shepherd- scout

14 month old Scout is a pretty girl who needs a new home. She is sad at the loss of her family and is eager to find someone to love.

Zack adopt a german shepherd - zack

Zack's life so far has been horrible. At the tender of age of 8 months, Zach has lived a life of suffering. All of that is behind him now.

John Snow adopt a german shepherd -john snow

One year old John Snow is the largest of the Game of Throne siblings. He will thrive in an adult home. He likes other dogs and even made friends with a pony.

Braun adopt a german shepherd -braun

Braun is the brother of Aria and Sanza. He is another one of the Game of Thrones siblings.

Aria adopt a german shepherd -aria

One year old Aria is Sansa's sister and another of our Game of Thrones siblings.

Sansa adopt a german shepherd -sanza

1 year old Sansa may be a petite girl, but she is filled with energy and fun. This girl loves people and is ready to have a good time.


Stanley is an young boy, about 18 months old. He has already impressed our volunteers with his happy disposition.

Sashi adopt a german shepherd - sashi

Once Sashi realizes you want to take her picture, she can't stop smiling! She is a born doggy model.