Available Dogs in GSROC care (approx. 63)

Mia 2

Mia 2 greets people politely and likes to stay by your side. No other dogs for this girl, she likes to be the star of the show.

Red Rover

One year old Red Rover is the best pal of Dusty Rose. They need to be placed together. He has completed obedience training and knows his commands.

Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose is a petite mix of GSD and something smaller. She will remain medium in size. She is very bonded to her best friend, Red Rover. She has completed obedience training.


Raven lost her home when her owner died and her next family was unable to afford to have a dog any longer.


12 year old Malkovich is bonded with his gal pal Eva. These 2 must be placed together. Click on their page to see their video!


9 year old Eva is bonded with her pal Malcovich. These 2 are like an old married couple. If they could talk, they would finish each other's sentences. They must be placed together.


9 year old Dukester 's owner became ill and could no longer care for him. This proud guy has classic coloring and a classic GSD personality.


3 year old Dixie requires a special diet and regular medication to manage a liver condition that has no cure. She is a quiet girl on the shy side.


6 year old Dodger is size XL. He needs an adult only, experienced home. He has been following a low calorie diet and increased his exercise. He has lost 40 pounds and only has 10 more to go. Check out his new photos!


Spike has made giant strides in his return to good health. He is a wonderful, fun-loving dog who loves his toys. He likes people and is looking forward to starting a new life.