Become a GSROC Volunteer

New Volunteer Information

GSROC Volunteer Team

Becoming a volunteer for the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County is rewarding. We rescue and rehome between 300 – 400 dogs each year through the dedication of our team of active volunteers.

We are always looking for new active volunteers to help us:

  • Take our orphans for walks during the week or weekends
  • Bake for our bake sale fundraisers
  • Transport dogs to and from the vet
  • Transport dogs from shelters or other locations (also on a moment’s notice)
  • Train our dogs to make them more adoptable
  • Bathe our dogs prior to events
  • Hold our dogs at our weekly adoption events
  • Participate in fundraising events
  • Solicit raffle donations for our events (gift cards, gift baskets, and more)
  • Foster our puppies (this is a 24/7 job)
  • Take pictures of our dogs and events
  • Create graphically pleasing invitations, postcards and other items

We also encourage those under 18 to join our under 18 Team.

If you are truly interested in becoming an Active Volunteer (attending at least 2 volunteer functions each month), we welcome your application.  Please complete the Volunteer Application below and one of our volunteers will call you to discuss your application and how we might best work together.

Thank you,
German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County