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Thursday, Mar 17,2022
Adding a puppy to your life

Priority No. 1 Before you bring home your new pup, pup-proof your place to keep that human-animal companion bond firmly in place and keep your new furry friend happy.   […]

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Monday, Nov 29,2021
Apple and her 2-week-old puppy, Cranberry

  Our most recent rescues are Apple and her 2-week-old puppy, Cranberry. They were living outdoors in the high desert, where temperatures drop below 36 degrees at night. They had […]

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Monday, Jul 26,2021
Autoimmune Diseases and Dogs

Canine autoimmune diseases, disorders in which the immune system attacks the body’s own cells and tissue, cover a broad variety of conditions that affect the immune system—a network of white […]

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