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Wednesday, Nov 30,2022
Fosters – Unsung Heroes of the Rescue World

Foster homes are the vital link in the chain Fostering is a vital component of any dog rescue organization. When kennels are full, some pups are recovering from surgery or illness, or others simply won’t thrive in the kennel environment, that’s when volunteers who open up their homes and hearts give these dogs the second—or […]

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Thursday, Sep 15,2022
Canine Skin Allergies Causes, treatment and why the right diagnosis is key.

Have you heard the slightly panicked “thump, thump, thump” of your shepherd’s back paw striking the floor in an attempt to quiet itchy skin? Canine skin allergies, or allergic dermatitis, are the most common types of allergies in dogs. Your dog may be allergic to any number of irritants that cause him to itch and […]

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Thursday, Mar 17,2022
Adding a puppy to your life

Priority No. 1 Before you bring home your new pup, pup-proof your place to keep that human-animal companion bond firmly in place and keep your new furry friend happy.   OMDog! Your newly adopted GSD puppy/teen velociraptor/adult dog is coming home!   But before she comes bounding in, it’s vital to your human-animal companion bond […]

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Monday, Nov 29,2021
Apple and her 2-week-old puppy, Cranberry

  Our most recent rescues are Apple and her 2-week-old puppy, Cranberry. They were living outdoors in the high desert, where temperatures drop below 36 degrees at night. They had no shelter from heat or cold.  Apple was very undernourished and not able to produce enough milk for her baby, but her unscrupulous owner left […]

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Monday, Jul 26,2021
Autoimmune Diseases and Dogs

Canine autoimmune diseases, disorders in which the immune system attacks the body’s own cells and tissue, cover a broad variety of conditions that affect the immune system—a network of white blood cells, antibodies and other defenses that fight infection and foreign substances in the body, including bacteria and viruses. A canine autoimmune disorder can be […]

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