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Wednesday, Jan 23,2019
Fundraising Through Shopping

Donate to GSROC simply by purchasing everyday items from pet-friendly business affiliates. German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County (GSROC) is a nonprofit dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming purebred German shepherd dogs who have no where else to turn. And the organization does an amazing job of doing just that.  In 2018, GSROC gladly  rehomed […]

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Monday, Jun 04,2018
Animal Hoarding: A Real-World Psychiatric Problem
Animal Hoarding
In March, an animal shelter in Highland, Calif., discovered 34 German shepherd mix dogs found abandoned in a home.  Animal control officials were called to the location, left a citation for the owner who never contacted animal control, and the dogs were removed.  Authorities said the dogs appeared to be fed and in good condition [...] Read More
Tuesday, Apr 24,2018
April is Canine Fitness Month!
GSD at lunch
Now is a great time to safely introduce increased activity for your dogs. With spring upon us, and as your attention turns to greater personal fitness, don’t forget the importance of exercise for your pets. April is Canine Fitness Month, and according to one expert at Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, now is a [...] Read More
Monday, Jan 22,2018
New Year Resolutions: They’re not just for humans

Whether or not you make personal decisions for your own New Year, making resolutions for your dog’s health, happiness and well-being might be in order. By Ellyce Rothrock   More exercise, eating a healthier diet, indulging in more self-care, taking on a new hobby, developing outside interests, freshening or deepening your skills in certain aspects […]

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Sunday, Oct 01,2017
Let’s Be Mature About Dog Ownership
adopt german shepherd- easton

 Older dogs who have lived and learned through the puppy and teenage years to become calm, consistent, and ready to give you all their love make the best companions. By Ellyce Rothrock Let’s say you’re part of the dating scene and your meet-ups are cut short or turn out to be one-hit wonders. Imagine your […]

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