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Tuesday, Jan 28,2020
New Year – New Products for your Pal!

Whether they be for playing, walking, sleeping or treating, there are lots of new dog products sure to please.   What better way to start 2020?  Here are just a few that your pet may enjoy.  Ruffwear’s Restcycle Bed features a baffled design and is filled with Restcycle foam, made from repurposed, post-manufacturing closed-cell foam. Restcycle […]

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Monday, Oct 14,2019
Is Your Dog Prepared for Disaster?

If an emergency situation were to occur, would you be adequately prepared to keep your dog safe and comfortable? September marked National Disaster Preparedness Month, but the annual Great ShakeOut earthquake drill is coming October 17. Are you prepared for disaster and, as important, is your dog prepared for disaster, too? Here are tips to […]

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Wednesday, Mar 20,2019
Beware Toxic Garden, Household Plants

Beware Toxic Garden, Household Plants Spring has arrived, meaning growth of all kinds of plants and flowers will explode. Here are a few of the most toxic to dogs.   Amaryllis Can cause vomiting, depression, diarrhea, abdominal pain, hypersalivation, anorexia and tremors in dogs.   Autumn Crocus Can cause an intense burning sensation in the […]

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Wednesday, Jan 23,2019
Fundraising Through Shopping

Donate to GSROC simply by purchasing everyday items from pet-friendly business affiliates. German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County (GSROC) is a nonprofit dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming purebred German shepherd dogs who have no where else to turn. And the organization does an amazing job of doing just that.  In 2018, GSROC gladly  rehomed […]

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Monday, Jun 04,2018
Animal Hoarding: A Real-World Psychiatric Problem
Animal Hoarding
In March, an animal shelter in Highland, Calif., discovered 34 German shepherd mix dogs found abandoned in a home.  Animal control officials were called to the location, left a citation for the owner who never contacted animal control, and the dogs were removed.  Authorities said the dogs appeared to be fed and in good condition [...] Read More