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Sunday, Apr 30,2017
Be Kind Every Day in Every Way

  By Ellyce Rothrock   May 1-7 is the official Be Kind to Animals Week. Designating a specific week for animal kindness is a great idea, especially for those who aren’t graced with an innate love of our fellow creatures and don’t consider them all that often. Nothing bad will ever come of PSAs, news […]

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Wednesday, Mar 22,2017
Running Your Dog: How Much Is Too Much?

If you made the decision to complete a marathon without having done any previous endurance training, you wouldn’t run headlong into the first race you came across, would you? Of course not—you could seriously injure yourself. Building up to distance running takes time, dedication and effort. If you’re already an avid jogger and an energetic […]

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Thursday, Jan 05,2017
Face the Big, Fat Truth

A national pet insurance provider highlights not just how the pet obesity epidemic compromises health but also how much inactivity can hurt pets’ quality of life and your wallet. With the new year upon us, now is the time to resolve to exercise your pet more regularly. By Ellyce Rothrock There’s a problem ballooning among […]

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Thursday, Jul 21,2016
Keep ‘Em Cool When Summer Living is Steamy

Keep ‘Em Cool When Summer Living Is Steamy The latest summer heat wave is upon us, and it’s won’t be the last of the season. That’s why it’s vital to remember that exposure to intense and prolonged heat is dangerous to all creatures—of course including our dogs. Dogs can sustain physical damage and succumb to […]

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Sunday, Jun 19,2016
Pumpkin: Nature’s Wonder Food for Dogs

Who doesn’t love pumpkin? As fall and Halloween approach, grocery retailers bank on our love of the stuff, so out comes the endless parade of pumpkin-centric products on the shelves: pumpkin pancake mix, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin cheesecake … the list of creative ways pumpkin is blended into human food is staggering. As with human trends, […]

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