Brushing Teeth- It’s Not Just for People Anymore
Friday, Feb 24,2012

February is National Pet Dental Health Month. With all of the products and services like clothing and day spas that are humanizing pets, there is one thing that people do for themselves that they should also do for their dogs: take care of their teeth.


There are three ways to clean dogs teeth:

  • At home with brush and paste made for pets. This is good for maintenance but does not substitute for a thorough cleaning by a licensed professional.
  • Anesthesia-Free Cleanings. Good for surface stains called “calculus” or “tartar.” These types of cleanings do not clean under the gum line.
  • Veterinary Cleanings Under Anesthesia. The most comprehensive of the bunch. Designed to get the tartar that you can see on the tooth as well as the tartar under the gums which is the key to preventing periodontal issues.

To help you begin your journey into pet dental health, here's a video on how to brush dogs teeth:

You can also help the dogs of GSROC while you help your own fur kids! Sign up now for the anesthesia-free dental clinic in March! GSROC will receive a portion of each cleaning!

For those that have interest in the complete veterinary cleaning, please contact your vet for more information.