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Jun 24,2017
Fireworks Are Not Fun For Dogs

By Ellyce Rothrock   If you own a dog, your first priority on the Fourth of July shouldn’t be to attend parties or ditch the house to go watch fireworks. Your main priority on this holiday is to protect, soothe, comfort and otherwise be there for your furry friend. Can you imagine what dogs, who […]

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Jan 05,2017
Face the Big, Fat Truth

A national pet insurance provider highlights not just how the pet obesity epidemic compromises health but also how much inactivity can hurt pets’ quality of life and your wallet. With the new year upon us, now is the time to resolve to exercise your pet more regularly. By Ellyce Rothrock There’s a problem ballooning among […]

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Mar 04,2016
Pet Owners – Put a Tag on it!

Pet Owners (Put a Tag on It) National Pet ID Week kicks off Sunday, April 17. In the pet world, identification is so important it has its own national holiday, which aims to bring attention to all lost pets each year. It never hurts to remind pet owners that pet identification is a crucial step […]

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May 16,2012
Some common misconceptions about German Shepherds

Breed Misconceptions | The German Shepherd Here are a few myths about German Shepherd dogs- Myth #1. Puppies are better than adult dogs – especially if I have small children. Truth #1. Everyone loves a puppy, and while small children may coo and awww over the sight of a newborn puppy, putting two separate creatures […]

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May 11,2012
German Shepherds and shedding

It never fails that at any German Shepherd Rescue OC event, someone comes up and asks about German Shepherds and shedding. Several people suggested this as a blog topic … so here it is-Yes, German Shepherds shed like crazy…and they are worth every single hair that falls on your floor, sticks to your clean black […]

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Jan 01,2012
So, You Think You Want A German Shepherd?

German Shepherds have been described many different ways; loyal, obedient, beautiful and intelligent are a few that immediately come to mind. But, when it comes to making a selection about a pet for yourself or your family, it’s time to do your homework. The main issues to consider and research are size, energy level, grooming […]

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