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Jan 27,2013
Save a senior and change your heart forever

So I have this old guy here at my house as a forever foster, and he has a lot of issues. He is completely deaf. I mean…I can actually come up within an inch of him with the vacuum and he doesn’t even turn around. Completely deaf. is vision is pretty bad. He walks into […]

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Nov 11,2012
Dogs and food allergies

One of the most common problems presented to all veternarians is the itchy pet. Most often the source of itch is allergies. With conventional medicine, the treatment is often suppression and in difficult cases this can mean endless rounds of antibiotics and steroids. As clients and veterinarians become frustrated, they often begin to look for […]

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Nov 10,2012
I need to turn my dog in, but it isnt me…

I almost titled this blog… “I know EVERYTHING there is to know about dogs”, because I talked to two people today who did…they know everything about dogs, but still are dealing with issues that are so severe, they are literally costing these dogs their homes, and potentially their lives. My 12+ years of experience rescuing, […]

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Oct 08,2012
Always asking for something…

German Shepherd Rescue is in another voting contest to win money, and I started putting up the daily pleas on Facebook asking my friends and family to vote. I know it is a lot, but I really was shocked when I got a message from a “friend” saying that she was unfriending me because she […]

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Sep 06,2012
Attacked by….Golden Retrievers???

Yesterday, I packed up my daughter and leashed up my two dogs and headed down to our local park. We walk down there several times a week just before lunch to get everyone some exercise. It is a nice walk down a big hill, and there is a great playground and usually lots of kids […]

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Aug 24,2012
Dogs and kids

I have three dogs, a foster dog, a 20 year old cat and a two year old daughter. Crazy, right? I take my 2 year old daughter to the rescue events. She can be seen sitting in the puppy pen with puppies on any given Saturday out in front of a Petsmart. We walk our […]

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Aug 11,2012
A Guest blogger-middle aged cuban girl: a “thing” for German Shepherds

Middle aged cuban girl: a “thing” for German Shepards…: [shepherds] Not too hard to figure it out really, having “volunteering for the German Shepard Rescue of Orange County” make #2 on my Fifty Things … This external blog article is by invite only – we apologize that it is not readily available to read by […]

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Jul 11,2012

I realize that we are late to this conversation…too late, really. Lennox is gone. It never occurred to me that he would actually die. I truly believed they would do the right thing. When I first saw the emails going around, I thought it was just another pit bull type dog who needed help. There […]

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Jun 21,2012
One Nation Under Dog documentary

There has been so much hype in the rescue and dog world about this documentary on HBO, I knew I would watch…but I knew I had to prepare myself…whatever that means. My friend, my mentor, and the founder of GSROC sent out an email that it was an important watch, so I prepared faster. (whatever […]

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