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May 16,2016
Haus the Brave Saves the Day in a Very Big Way for Florida Family

It’s not unusual for pet-related stories to go somewhat viral, but an incredible tale from last week has gone viral globally—the story of how a newly rescued 2-year-old dog saved the life of they family’s 7-year-old girl, bravely and unwaveringly standing his ground against a formidable foe. Is it any surprise this dog is a […]

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Feb 06,2014
German Shepherd Rescue OC

I nominate German Shepherd Rescue Orange County as an Outstanding Organization. GSROC rescues approximately 400 dogs in need every year and find them good homes. Our orphans come from all manner of situations and backgrounds. We’ve saved dogs from certain death on freeways. We’ve rescued strays wandering the streets and dogs in abuse/neglect situations. We […]

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Nov 19,2012
A caution about holiday overeating…for your dog

Los Angeles Animal Services Important Pet Alert Over-eating during Thanksgiving can be serious for pets too! Thanksgiving is the time of year when family and friends get together to enjoy each other’s company and a myriad of delicious foods. We have a tendency to include our four-legged family members in this feast, which often results […]

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Sep 27,2012
Perianal what???

Sometimes there are topics that, as a dog owner you have to learn about…things you find yourself talking about at the dog park you never thought you would discuss with strangers. This is one of those things that as a German Shepherd dog parent and or lover, you should know about. (I do draw the […]

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Sep 05,2012
A guest post from a Volunteer about….volunteering!

Here is another way you can help at the German Shepherd Rescue of OC – contribute to our blog. The below blog is from MaryBeth. She is part of the walking team. Her and the other walking team members go out every week and make sure our dogs who are being cared for in kennels, […]

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Aug 11,2012
A Guest blogger-middle aged cuban girl: a “thing” for German Shepherds

Middle aged cuban girl: a “thing” for German Shepards…: [shepherds] Not too hard to figure it out really, having “volunteering for the German Shepard Rescue of Orange County” make #2 on my Fifty Things … This external blog article is by invite only – we apologize that it is not readily available to read by […]

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