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Sep 15,2022
Canine Skin Allergies Causes, treatment and why the right diagnosis is key.

Have you heard the slightly panicked “thump, thump, thump” of your shepherd’s back paw striking the floor in an attempt to quiet itchy skin? Canine skin allergies, or allergic dermatitis, are the most common types of allergies in dogs. Your dog may be allergic to any number of irritants that cause him to itch and […]

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Nov 29,2021
Apple and her 2-week-old puppy, Cranberry

  Our most recent rescues are Apple and her 2-week-old puppy, Cranberry. They were living outdoors in the high desert, where temperatures drop below 36 degrees at night. They had no shelter from heat or cold.  Apple was very undernourished and not able to produce enough milk for her baby, but her unscrupulous owner left […]

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Jul 26,2021
Autoimmune Diseases and Dogs

Canine autoimmune diseases, disorders in which the immune system attacks the body’s own cells and tissue, cover a broad variety of conditions that affect the immune system—a network of white blood cells, antibodies and other defenses that fight infection and foreign substances in the body, including bacteria and viruses. A canine autoimmune disorder can be […]

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Apr 08,2021
Newport Beach rescue seeking donations for 2 German shepherd puppies with medical needs

Newport Beach rescue seeking donations for 2 German shepherd puppies with medical needs Posted on Feb 14, 2021 / 09:49 AM PST / Updated: Feb 14, 2021 / 09:50 AM PST by: Megan Telles /iframe>  The Newport Beach-based German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County is asking for donations to help treat two puppies suffering from canine parvovirus […]

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Feb 23,2021
Little Princess and McIntosh have made the news!
Newport Beach rescue seeks donations to treat two German shepherd puppies

Source: LA Times / Daily Pilot About two weeks ago, a 4-month-old German shepherd puppy named Little Princess was delivered to the care of German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County. She was followed shortly thereafter by MacIntosh, a puppy between 5 and 6 months of age who arrived from another shelter. They both had the canine […]

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Sep 12,2020
Help your pet adjust to a new home

From packing to unpacking, moving is stressful and exhausting, and it can feel that way for pets too. They don’t understand what’s happening and why they’re losing the home they feel safe in. Whether you’re moving to Atlanta, GA with your elderly dog, or adopting a puppy and bringing them home to Dallas, TX, it’ll take your fur […]

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Jun 01,2020
Summer Heat Smarts

We’re fast approaching the higher double digits, and in some areas, the lower triple digits, of summer, which means dog owners need to step up safety factors for their dogs’ continued well-being.   Hydration Is Key During hot summer months, dogs must have easy access to plenty of fresh, clean water. You can use an […]

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May 18,2020
Protect your pet’s health – wash dog bowls everyday

Ever rub your fingers on the inside of your pet’s water bowl and you feel a slippery, slimy substance? That invisible slick is biofilm. The National Sanitation Foundation reported in a recent study that pet bowls come in fourth on the list for places in the home that contain the most germs. Biofilm is a collection of […]

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Mar 30,2020
Corona Virus and your pet

The global COVID-19 pandemic has led us into some strange, stressful times indeed—except for maybe our dogs. Thanks to “stay at home” orders and social distancing, many folks are telecommuting or otherwise around the house a lot more than usual, and dogs everywhere are winning. There are many things we owners can do to amuse […]

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Jan 28,2020
New Year – New Products for your Pal!

Whether they be for playing, walking, sleeping or treating, there are lots of new dog products sure to please.   What better way to start 2020?  Here are just a few that your pet may enjoy.  Ruffwear’s Restcycle Bed features a baffled design and is filled with Restcycle foam, made from repurposed, post-manufacturing closed-cell foam. Restcycle […]

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Oct 14,2019
Is Your Dog Prepared for Disaster?

If an emergency situation were to occur, would you be adequately prepared to keep your dog safe and comfortable? September marked National Disaster Preparedness Month, but the annual Great ShakeOut earthquake drill is coming October 17. Are you prepared for disaster and, as important, is your dog prepared for disaster, too? Here are tips to […]

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Mar 20,2019
Beware Toxic Garden, Household Plants

Beware Toxic Garden, Household Plants Spring has arrived, meaning growth of all kinds of plants and flowers will explode. Here are a few of the most toxic to dogs.   Amaryllis Can cause vomiting, depression, diarrhea, abdominal pain, hypersalivation, anorexia and tremors in dogs.   Autumn Crocus Can cause an intense burning sensation in the […]

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Jan 23,2019
Fundraising Through Shopping

Donate to GSROC simply by purchasing everyday items from pet-friendly business affiliates. German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County (GSROC) is a nonprofit dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming purebred German shepherd dogs who have no where else to turn. And the organization does an amazing job of doing just that.  In 2018, GSROC gladly  rehomed […]

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Jun 04,2018
Animal Hoarding: A Real-World Psychiatric Problem
Animal Hoarding
In March, an animal shelter in Highland, Calif., discovered 34 German shepherd mix dogs found abandoned in a home.  Animal control officials were called to the location, left a citation for the owner who never contacted animal control, and the dogs were removed.  Authorities said the dogs appeared to be fed and in good condition [...] Read More
Jan 22,2018
New Year Resolutions: They’re not just for humans

Whether or not you make personal decisions for your own New Year, making resolutions for your dog’s health, happiness and well-being might be in order. By Ellyce Rothrock   More exercise, eating a healthier diet, indulging in more self-care, taking on a new hobby, developing outside interests, freshening or deepening your skills in certain aspects […]

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Oct 01,2017
Let’s Be Mature About Dog Ownership
adopt german shepherd- easton

 Older dogs who have lived and learned through the puppy and teenage years to become calm, consistent, and ready to give you all their love make the best companions. By Ellyce Rothrock Let’s say you’re part of the dating scene and your meet-ups are cut short or turn out to be one-hit wonders. Imagine your […]

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Apr 30,2017
Be Kind Every Day in Every Way

  By Ellyce Rothrock   May 1-7 is the official Be Kind to Animals Week. Designating a specific week for animal kindness is a great idea, especially for those who aren’t graced with an innate love of our fellow creatures and don’t consider them all that often. Nothing bad will ever come of PSAs, news […]

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Mar 22,2017
Running Your Dog: How Much Is Too Much?

If you made the decision to complete a marathon without having done any previous endurance training, you wouldn’t run headlong into the first race you came across, would you? Of course not—you could seriously injure yourself. Building up to distance running takes time, dedication and effort. If you’re already an avid jogger and an energetic […]

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Jul 21,2016
Keep ‘Em Cool When Summer Living is Steamy

Keep ‘Em Cool When Summer Living Is Steamy The latest summer heat wave is upon us, and it’s won’t be the last of the season. That’s why it’s vital to remember that exposure to intense and prolonged heat is dangerous to all creatures—of course including our dogs. Dogs can sustain physical damage and succumb to […]

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Jun 19,2016
Pumpkin: Nature’s Wonder Food for Dogs

Who doesn’t love pumpkin? As fall and Halloween approach, grocery retailers bank on our love of the stuff, so out comes the endless parade of pumpkin-centric products on the shelves: pumpkin pancake mix, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin cheesecake … the list of creative ways pumpkin is blended into human food is staggering. As with human trends, […]

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Mar 25,2016
A Familiar Tale of Two Shepherds

  I recently received a series of texts from a former colleague, and the story contained within was all too familiar and heartbreaking. This owner had paid a ton of money to a breeder for two German shepherd puppies only to discover in a short period that the family, which included two very young children, […]

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Jan 31,2016
Learn about the stock market and support GSROC.

Here’s a fantastic new way to help dogs while indulging your inner gamer! Two devoted animal lovers have designed an innovative new mobile game app that is not only entertaining but philanthropic as well. Introducing Make The Most, the first of its kind virtual stock market game that can earn you bragging rights and real […]

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