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Jan 05,2017
Face the Big, Fat Truth

A national pet insurance provider highlights not just how the pet obesity epidemic compromises health but also how much inactivity can hurt pets’ quality of life and your wallet. With the new year upon us, now is the time to resolve to exercise your pet more regularly. By Ellyce Rothrock There’s a problem ballooning among […]

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May 28,2013
What is a dog worth?

I was just talking to a friend of mine who pulled a dog from the shelter on the dogs last day. Her intention was to get her a bath, get her shots, love her up and find her a home. We have all done this with a dog in a shelter. We do it with […]

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May 15,2012

Bloat is a life-threatening emergency that affects dogs in the prime of life. Anatomy of Bloat Bloat can occur in any dog at any age, but typically occurs in middle-aged to older dogs. Large-breed dogs with deep chests are anatomically predisposed. These breeds include the Great Dane, German Shepherd Dog, St. Bernard, Labrador retriever, Irish […]

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Apr 24,2012
German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County Urgent Help detail

Andy is the Malinois we just had to save! We took him directly from the shelter to an ER vet. What they found when they operated on Andy surprised everyone. An entire corn cob was lodged in his intestine and was already eroding into the tissue wall causing infection. The operation required that a significant […]

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Feb 24,2012
Brushing Teeth- It’s Not Just for People Anymore

February is National Pet Dental Health Month. With all of the products and services like clothing and day spas that are humanizing pets, there is one thing that people do for themselves that they should also do for their dogs: take care of their teeth. There are three ways to clean dogs teeth: At home […]

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Feb 15,2012
Beware! Poisonous Dog Treats Are Out There Now!

Do you remember the great pet food recall of 2007? It happened after hundreds of pets died because the food they were eating was not safe. Now, in 2012, it’s not the food, this time its the treats. Back in November of last year, the FDA issued a warning about chicken jerky treats imported from […]

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Jan 03,2012
New Year’s Project: Assemble a Pet First Aid Kit

Chances are, you have an area of your home where you keep first aid supplies like bandages and antiseptic spray. But what about your supplies for pets? Do you have the tools to help if Fido gets hurt? Not only should all homes have fire extinguishers, flashlights and candles for emergencies, they should also have […]

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Dec 31,2011
Wags and Wishes

Although Christmas has passed, each of the dogs in the GSROC lifeboat will continue to need support and care in the coming year. We are often asked what they need, and when we asked the dogs, this is the wish list they shared: • Sponsors for individual dogs • Frontline for Dogs and/or K9 Advantix […]

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Oct 18,2011
Hugo Surgery Donations

Hugo needs our help Big ol’ boy Hugo came to us from a public animal shelter, where he would have lost his life if we hadn’t rescued him. At just three years old, he has a huge frame and should weigh around 100 pounds, but Hugo arrived underweight at 80 pounds. He was with us […]

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