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Jul 25,2012
Captain the GSD beaten to death

I recently read an article where a woman thought that some rescues were too thorough in their vetting of homes for the dogs in their care. She went on to make some jokes about it. I didn’t think it was funny then, and I want her to know about Captain. I wonder how she would […]

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Jul 11,2012

I realize that we are late to this conversation…too late, really. Lennox is gone. It never occurred to me that he would actually die. I truly believed they would do the right thing. When I first saw the emails going around, I thought it was just another pit bull type dog who needed help. There […]

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Jun 19,2012
Until the end my friend, and then some

Tonight, one of our dedicated volunteers is sitting in an Emergency Vet hospital room, with his beloved foster baby in his lap while she crosses over to the Rainbow Bridge. I am sure there are a million places he would rather be, but there he sits… holding this girl so the last thing she knows […]

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