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Jun 24,2017
Fireworks Are Not Fun For Dogs

By Ellyce Rothrock   If you own a dog, your first priority on the Fourth of July shouldn’t be to attend parties or ditch the house to go watch fireworks. Your main priority on this holiday is to protect, soothe, comfort and otherwise be there for your furry friend. Can you imagine what dogs, who […]

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Jan 05,2017
Face the Big, Fat Truth

A national pet insurance provider highlights not just how the pet obesity epidemic compromises health but also how much inactivity can hurt pets’ quality of life and your wallet. With the new year upon us, now is the time to resolve to exercise your pet more regularly. By Ellyce Rothrock There’s a problem ballooning among […]

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Mar 04,2016
Pet Owners – Put a Tag on it!

Pet Owners (Put a Tag on It) National Pet ID Week kicks off Sunday, April 17. In the pet world, identification is so important it has its own national holiday, which aims to bring attention to all lost pets each year. It never hurts to remind pet owners that pet identification is a crucial step […]

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May 28,2013
What is a dog worth?

I was just talking to a friend of mine who pulled a dog from the shelter on the dogs last day. Her intention was to get her a bath, get her shots, love her up and find her a home. We have all done this with a dog in a shelter. We do it with […]

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Jan 01,2013
Are Dogs Good For Your Health?

Feel like you ate too much yesterday? Looking to live life a little healthier today? Just grab your favorite dog, stroke her fur (lowers blood pressure), and take her for a walk (lots of benefits). Here’s a fun infographic showing how pets are good for your health. (I think I’ll try to stay out of […]

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Nov 19,2012
A caution about holiday overeating…for your dog

Los Angeles Animal Services Important Pet Alert Over-eating during Thanksgiving can be serious for pets too! Thanksgiving is the time of year when family and friends get together to enjoy each other’s company and a myriad of delicious foods. We have a tendency to include our four-legged family members in this feast, which often results […]

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Nov 11,2012
Dogs and food allergies

One of the most common problems presented to all veternarians is the itchy pet. Most often the source of itch is allergies. With conventional medicine, the treatment is often suppression and in difficult cases this can mean endless rounds of antibiotics and steroids. As clients and veterinarians become frustrated, they often begin to look for […]

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Nov 10,2012
I need to turn my dog in, but it isnt me…

I almost titled this blog… “I know EVERYTHING there is to know about dogs”, because I talked to two people today who did…they know everything about dogs, but still are dealing with issues that are so severe, they are literally costing these dogs their homes, and potentially their lives. My 12+ years of experience rescuing, […]

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Nov 09,2012
Rainy days and dogs

When it starts raining at our house, we have a drill- run up and grab 5-6 rugs and 3-4 towels put the rugs out underneath the dog doors incoming and outgoing go throw two door mats on the part of the grass that gets the muddiest bring in another water bowl so as to cut […]

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Sep 27,2012
Perianal what???

Sometimes there are topics that, as a dog owner you have to learn about…things you find yourself talking about at the dog park you never thought you would discuss with strangers. This is one of those things that as a German Shepherd dog parent and or lover, you should know about. (I do draw the […]

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Aug 24,2012
Dogs and kids

I have three dogs, a foster dog, a 20 year old cat and a two year old daughter. Crazy, right? I take my 2 year old daughter to the rescue events. She can be seen sitting in the puppy pen with puppies on any given Saturday out in front of a Petsmart. We walk our […]

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Aug 12,2012
Protecting our dogs from the heat

It is HOT here in Southern California. I live in a Coastal area and it is HOT, so I know it is hot, hot, hot out there. It was so hot that when I got up to take the dogs out for a quick walk this morning, 3 of the 4 opted out. They just […]

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Aug 01,2012
Leaving your dogs with a petsitter

I have been volunteering with German Shepherd Rescue for more than a decade. That is a lot of years, a lot of homeless dogs, a lot of leaving dogs behind at a shelter because the sad truth is that we just cannot save them all. So, you would think I would have a pretty thick […]

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Jul 24,2012
Itchy dog?

6 Common Reasons Why Pets Itch Just last week I got a call from one of our Pet Detectives located in Ohio. He called to report that one of the Search Dogs, a Bloodhound named Luscious, was itching. Here is the short list of the 6 most common causes to itching in pets. See if […]

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Jul 17,2012
Dog Days of Summer

Ever wonder where the term “Dog Days of Summer” came from? This came from the ancient Roman & Greek belief that Sirius aka “The Dogs Star” was the cause of hot weather. Sirius is the brightest star in the sky and is part of the constellation Canis Major. It was thought that because it was […]

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Jul 04,2012
4th of July

There is always a lot of talk about the dogs that end up in the shelters on the 5th of July and how important it is to keep your dogs safe during this holiday. What you don’t hear so much about is the “clearing and culling” of dogs in the shelters to make room for […]

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May 29,2012
Pannus in Dogs

Rocky Rocky was out this weekend and he is even more handsome in person than in these photos! Rocky is sweet as can be and has a noble soul. He also has Pannus, so his eyes appear cloudy, and his eyesight is affected. We think that he can see shadows, but we are still getting […]

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May 24,2012
Come back here NOW!

While we at GSROC do not condone or advise walking a dog off leash at all, most pet owners have had the experience of your dog slipping past you, your partner or your kids at the door to get out to a family member in front of the house. Most shepherds, NOT ALL, but most, […]

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May 23,2012
Another reason to spay your dogs

Whenever you talk to someone who does rescue work, the topic of spaying and neutering will inevitably come up. The most talked about reason for spaying and neutering in the rescue world is so that we can stop the needless deaths of the millions of animals who die in shelters every year across America…but if […]

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May 16,2012
Some common misconceptions about German Shepherds

Breed Misconceptions | The German Shepherd Here are a few myths about German Shepherd dogs- Myth #1. Puppies are better than adult dogs – especially if I have small children. Truth #1. Everyone loves a puppy, and while small children may coo and awww over the sight of a newborn puppy, putting two separate creatures […]

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May 15,2012

Bloat is a life-threatening emergency that affects dogs in the prime of life. Anatomy of Bloat Bloat can occur in any dog at any age, but typically occurs in middle-aged to older dogs. Large-breed dogs with deep chests are anatomically predisposed. These breeds include the Great Dane, German Shepherd Dog, St. Bernard, Labrador retriever, Irish […]

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May 11,2012
German Shepherds and shedding

It never fails that at any German Shepherd Rescue OC event, someone comes up and asks about German Shepherds and shedding. Several people suggested this as a blog topic … so here it is-Yes, German Shepherds shed like crazy…and they are worth every single hair that falls on your floor, sticks to your clean black […]

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May 10,2012
Has your dog ever gone missing and you were lost, too?

Here is #1 in a series on Lost Pets from our affiliate Pet Search and Rescue   Frequently Asked Questions About Lost Pets by Pet Search and Rescue – 800-925-2410 Question: It is cold, there are coyotes and my dog has no food. How long can my dog survive? Answer: Dogs are incredibly sturdy. […]

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May 09,2012
Coping with the loss of a pet

Ten Tips on Coping with Pet Loss by Moira Anderson Allen, M.Ed. Anyone who considers a pet a beloved friend, companion, or family member knows the intense pain that accompanies the loss of that friend. Following are some tips on coping with that grief, and with the difficult decisions one faces upon the loss of […]

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May 08,2012
Snail bait kills dogs!

In certain areas of the world snail bait is one of the most common causes of accidental poisonings in dogs. The toxic active ingredient found in most slug and snail baits is metaldehyde. Snail bait or slug bait usually come in pellet form which your pet can find very attractive because it resembles dog kibble. […]

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May 07,2012
Separation Anxiety

What is separation anxiety? It is a behavior that manifests itself as visible stress upon departure of a dog’s person. The anxiety can vary from mild to severe. Separation anxiety is preventable and responds well when treated. What causes separation anxiety? By nature, dogs are social animals – they don’t like being alone. Many dogs […]

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May 03,2012
Pet Psychic Radio – Listen To The Worlds Animals

So, with the recession, there are reports that show there are two areas where people did NOT stop spending money-alcohol and PETS! Funny, right? People do a lot to keep their pets happy. We cook for them, take them to daycare, set up playdates, take them to the chiropractor, get acupuncture … and talk to […]

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Apr 11,2012
Did you know?

Did you know that most of the dogs in our care stay in kennels across the Southland? The lucky dogs get to stay in a foster home, but due to a shortage of foster homes most stay in a kennel. Have you ever boarded your dog when you went on vacation and when you get […]

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Apr 10,2012

Mondays are always busy behind the scenes and yesterday was no different. Lots of movement with the dogs… as we move dogs who are in more expensive or smaller kennels to the better kennels that have been vacated by dogs going home. Every week there are many vet runs with volunteers running all over the […]

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Apr 01,2012
Behind the scenes

Do you ever wonder where rescues get all the dogs? Many come from shelters, or from people who can no longer keep their dogs for a myriad of reasons. A lot of the stories behind these dogs can leave you feeling sad…but there are also stories of dogs that come into our rescue because of […]

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Mar 01,2012
Fido Friendly Backyards

Having a dog can mean so much more than having a companion. They depend on their human caregivers to provide food, water, shelter and safety. Having a backyard area is one way to keep your canine friend happy. But, just like anything else you do for your pet, you must take safety precautions. Below is […]

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Feb 24,2012
Brushing Teeth- It’s Not Just for People Anymore

February is National Pet Dental Health Month. With all of the products and services like clothing and day spas that are humanizing pets, there is one thing that people do for themselves that they should also do for their dogs: take care of their teeth. There are three ways to clean dogs teeth: At home […]

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Feb 19,2012
It’s Matchmaking Time!

  FEBRUARY IS THE MONTH FOR MATCHMAKING!   We all know that February is traditionally the month for letting those you love know how you feel about them. That makes this the perfect month for us to show the beautiful dogs in our care how much they mean to us, and to remind them that […]

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Feb 15,2012
Beware! Poisonous Dog Treats Are Out There Now!

Do you remember the great pet food recall of 2007? It happened after hundreds of pets died because the food they were eating was not safe. Now, in 2012, it’s not the food, this time its the treats. Back in November of last year, the FDA issued a warning about chicken jerky treats imported from […]

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Jan 03,2012
New Year’s Project: Assemble a Pet First Aid Kit

Chances are, you have an area of your home where you keep first aid supplies like bandages and antiseptic spray. But what about your supplies for pets? Do you have the tools to help if Fido gets hurt? Not only should all homes have fire extinguishers, flashlights and candles for emergencies, they should also have […]

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Jan 01,2012
So, You Think You Want A German Shepherd?

German Shepherds have been described many different ways; loyal, obedient, beautiful and intelligent are a few that immediately come to mind. But, when it comes to making a selection about a pet for yourself or your family, it’s time to do your homework. The main issues to consider and research are size, energy level, grooming […]

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Nov 30,2011
Celebrate Adopt a Senior Rescue Pet Month!

The Ten Most Important Tips for Keeping Your Older Dog Healthy 1. Establish a relationship with the best veterinarian you can find. For most older dogs, it is advisable to make an appointment with the vet every six months. Your vet should be someone whom you trust and with whom you feel very comfortable. 2. […]

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Nov 16,2011
November is Adopt a Senior Rescue Dog Month

Top Ten Reasons to Adopt an Older Dog* Housetrained 1. Older dogs are housetrained. You won’t have to go through the difficult stage(s) of teaching a puppy house manners and mopping/cleaning up after accidents. Won’t chew inappropriate items 2. Older dogs are not teething puppies, and won’t chew your shoes and furniture while growing up. […]

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Sep 08,2011
Walking the Dog, It Can Be Exercise

Although the New Year’s Resolutions have probably gone by the wayside, the warmer weather and approaching bathing suit season have many folks renewing their efforts to get fit. Working out with your dog is an excellent way to kill two birds with one stone. It’s good for both of you to get out there and […]

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