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Nov 07,2012
Strangles, the puppy disease

Strangles One of the things about being a rescue volunteer that would have to go both in the pro and con column is that you learn about a lot of doggie diseases and disorders. Surprisingly, after over a decade, I am still learning new diseases. This week, we brought in a puppy from a shelter […]

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Sep 06,2012
Attacked by….Golden Retrievers???

Yesterday, I packed up my daughter and leashed up my two dogs and headed down to our local park. We walk down there several times a week just before lunch to get everyone some exercise. It is a nice walk down a big hill, and there is a great playground and usually lots of kids […]

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Jul 13,2012
Magi and Papi

The thing about being a true animal rescuer is that it doesn’t just happen when you schedule it. Sometimes, actually, it happens at the most inopportune times. A few summers ago, I was walking through the parking lot at The Wild Animal Park in San Diego, and a loose German Shepherd ran up to me. […]

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