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Sep 13,2014
Unsung Heroes of Rescue

In the rescue world, there are more heroes than most people know about. Of course, there are also those who everyone does know about. They do a good job of […]

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Nov 14,2012
Extraordinary Efforts to save dogs

Today is Maria Dales birthday, and there are thousands of dogs who lived to see another day because of this lady. There isn’t much I can say about her that […]

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Apr 26,2012
Pet Expo

The weekend of the Pet Expo is always crazy. We have to ask our kennel partners to open early and stay late to accomodate the very long hours 3 days […]

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Apr 13,2012
Hard at work

Our volunteers are hard at work trying to rescue a dog who has been trapped behind some pallets in a warehouse for over a week. We can’t wait to get […]

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Apr 11,2012
Did you know?

Did you know that most of the dogs in our care stay in kennels across the Southland? The lucky dogs get to stay in a foster home, but due to […]

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Apr 10,2012

Mondays are always busy behind the scenes and yesterday was no different. Lots of movement with the dogs… as we move dogs who are in more expensive or smaller kennels […]

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Apr 04,2012
Volunteers in motion

Boy were we busy taking care of the dogs yesterday! We had volunteers who got Ranger to the vet to be neutered and checked over so he is ready to […]

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