Corona Virus and your pet
Monday, Mar 30,2020
The global COVID-19 pandemic has led us into some strange, stressful times indeed—except for maybe our dogs. Thanks to “stay at home” orders and social distancing, many folks are telecommuting or otherwise around the house a lot more than usual, and dogs everywhere are winning.
There are many things we owners can do to amuse both ourselves and our dogs while in quarantine. offers “33 Simple Ways to Keep your Dog Busy Indoors,” which features lots of great ideas. Another popular site,, offers “13 Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy When You’re Stuck Indoors.” A simple Google search featuring some combination of the words “what to do with your dog when you’re housebound” will reveal pages of ideas. Below are just a few of the basics—the “oldies but goodies” your dog is excited to receive from you.
Take a walk in your neighborhood
As long as you follow safe social distancing practices, it’s perfectly OK to take walks in your neighborhood. Local parks may be closed during this crisis, and some of your neighbors might have a different idea of what social distancing means, so just exercise good judgement and caution. Remember to remain a good dog citizen, bring poop bags and always pick up after your pup.
Teach your dog a new trick
Even if it’s something as simple as “shake.” Your dog will be so very happy for the engaged, quality time that it won’t really matter what you’re trying to teach him. Keep trick sessions short, consistent and fun, and revisit the process a few times a day. He’ll be learning new tricks in no time and loving the bonding time you’re spending together.
Take time for extra grooming 
Who among us wouldn’t like to sit leisurely while someone brushed our hair? It’s the same for our dogs. Grooming keeps your dog’s coat looking great and his skin healthier, and it’s the perfect time for petting and pet-talking (“Who’s a good boy? You’re the good boy!”). Plus, regular grooming helps identify coat, skin and body issues early.
Grab all opportunities for extra cuddles
Netflix and chill—with your dog. Invite him to snuggle next to you while you watch those movies you’ve been meaning to check out or binge that show you need to catch up on. He’ll help keep you warm, and you’ll give him the closeness and security he craves.