Did you know?
Wednesday, Apr 11,2012

Did you know that most of the dogs in our care stay in kennels across the Southland? The lucky dogs get to stay in a foster home, but due to a shortage of foster homes most stay in a kennel. Have you ever boarded your dog when you went on vacation and when you get them back they smell like a kennel?

Well, our dogs are so lucky to have the Roc'n Bathing team who makes sure they smell clean. We believe this helps them to feel better about themselves, too. Every week our bathing team makes sure our dogs that need it get not only a bath and a blow dry, but some extra TLC so they know that although they are homeless … they are loved. We are always looking for help with the bathing and as you may know just from bathing your own dog … it is not only so fun and rewarding, it is great exercise!

This week, in addition to baths … lots of our dogs will be getting their microchips. Every dog adopted from the GSROC come microchipped. We believe this is one more way you can reduce the number of homeless dogs in America. Saturday our volunteers will be microchipping 23 GSROC dogs! 23!! Don't worry, they are trained to do this, and as always, we take VERY good care of our dogs. It is a big job though. These are the kinds of things that our volunteers do, and why we are always looking for a few more good hands.