Mar 26,2024
Abandoned Family
Abandoned German Shepherd Family

A new homeowner was shocked to arrive at her property to find a momma dog with her 6 newborns living under the house. Papa dog was hovering near by. GSROC […]

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Hero is yet another dog abandoned by a cruel owner who left him to fend for himself. This problem is epidemic in SoCAL right now, with individuals dumping dogs in […]

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Feb 22,2024
Artic Male German Shepherd Available For Adoption

Artie aka Arctic was adopted from GSROC as a young dog. Sadly, his owner passed away and Artie is now back in our care. Artie is understandably very confused and […]

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Oct 28,2023
Candy German Shepherd Available for Adoption

Candy just arrived at GSROC, check back for more info soon!

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Jul 11,2023
Midas German Shepherd - Adopt Me

MIDAS came to us in serious need.His owner was not able to provide for him, so she turned to GSROC for help. Midas is suffering from a skin infection that […]

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May 25,2023

Nikki is a gorgeous female who likes people and is housebroken.  She is a typical GSD puppy – lively, friendly and chock full of energy.   She is a curious girl […]

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May 17,2023
Winston found in a box

We don’t know what kind of horrible person would toss sweet Winston away like trash, but that is exactly what happened. Responding to faint cries, a young girl found him inside a […]

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May 03,2023
Brown Bear

Brown Bear has just arrived at GSROC and we are getting to know him.  His family states he is people friendly, but has not been around children.  He knows some […]

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Apr 21,2023

Isabella is an active 6-month-old husky.  She is a typical husky, too — happy-go-lucky, spirited, eager to please and high energy.  Her family determined they did not have time for […]

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Mar 11,2023

Connor is a boy born with blond surfer dude looks.  He is Nolan’s brother. He likes to hang out with his littermates during the day. He is in a GSROC […]

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Mar 06,2023

Pedro is a sweet little guy who lost his home and is looking for a home of his very own.  A teenager brought him home without checking with his parents […]

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Aug 18,2022

Andra was left tied to the gate outside of the animal shelter one night.  The day shift found her when they came into work.  This poor girl waited and waited […]

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Jul 22,2022

Suzy and Scooter are in desperate need of help and everywhere they turned it was a dead end. Their owner was homeless and they were living in a car.  Shelters […]

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Jun 28,2022

Eddy’s family had to move out of the country and could not gain permission to bring their beloved dog with them.  Devastated, they turned to GSROC for help. He is […]

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Eddy lost his home when his family had to move out of the country and were unable to gain permission to take him along.   Devastated, they turned to GSROC for […]

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Jun 04,2022
The Terrific Ten

Meet the Terrific Ten!  These 10 puppies were found by the police in an area where people in the area routinely dump their garbage.   Yes, someone left these cute puppies […]

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May 21,2022

Ursula and her little puppy landed in a crowded shelter with no place to turn. Sadly, our shelters are so overcrowded, these 2 were facing a grim future. GSROC stepped […]

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Mar 08,2022

8 week old Rolo is one of the Candy litter.  He has developed an upper respiratory infection and needs antibiotics.   Poor little guy, he has stopped eating and is not […]

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Mar 06,2022

10 month old Danika was hit by a car in December and has not yet received treatment due to her owner’s lack of funds.  Her foot was terribly injured and […]

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Feb 28,2022

3 year old Bentley is a big guy who likes other dogs.    He loves to play with his ball and will happily run and play as long as you […]

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Jan 31,2022

10 year old Missy lost her home when her owner died.   She is a sweet, gentle female who is confused about the change in her circumstances.   GSROC has promised to […]

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Jan 19,2022

2 year old Cosmo was picked up as a stray and landed in a crowded shelter.  GSROC stepped up to save him.

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Jan 10,2022

Franco is a boisterous and bold boy who is very strong. Franco loves to play with toys and is very active. He would fit well with an experienced owner with […]

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Jan 06,2022

10 week old Ruby landed in a crowded shelter and no one came to claim her.  GSROC stepped in to save her.

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Jan 03,2022

9 month old Kazan lost his home due to landlord issues.  This handsome boy is housebroken, knows some of his basic commands and is good with people and other dogs.  […]

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Oct 27,2021

5 month old Scooter has just arrived at GSROC.   Her family was unable to care for her and GSROC stepped in to provide her with a second chance. Our vet […]

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Oct 26,2021

One year old Zara was being given away in a parking lot to anyone who would take her.  Luckily, a GSROC was nearby and brought Xena to safety.  She is […]

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Aug 31,2021

Scooby is a friendly guy who gets along with cats and other dogs.  Scooby  lived with cats in his previous home and called them his pals. He rides well in […]

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Jul 27,2021

ASTRO is an active and happy neutered male German Shepherd. He came to us from a Southern California animal shelter where he had been picked up as a stray. We […]

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Jul 17,2021

5 year old Thor is a very big boy and strong.   He can play rough and due to his size and tendency to become protective,  we recommend an experienced home […]

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Mar 25,2021

Tyson’s recent surgery went well and he has recovered.  He can be an anxious boy and needs patience and understanding.  He enjoys getting out for walks, but sometimes his anxiety […]

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Jan 23,2021
Super Sam

UPDATE!  Super Sam has stopped eating and become very lethargic.  We are very concerned and have rushed him to the emergency hospital!   Can he count on your help?   We were […]

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Oct 19,2020
Mr. Shadow

Mr. Shadow loves, loves, loves people!  He is eager for a fresh start in a family where he can be the only pampered pet.  Mr. Shadow loves to cuddle and […]

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Oct 11,2020

13 year old Malkovich is bonded with Eva his girlfriend.  Eva and her very best friend Malcovich are a bonded pair.   These two are totally in love.   They enjoy going […]

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Sep 23,2020

10 year old Barney lost his home when his owner became ill.  He is a gentle senior who just wants to lay at your feet and let you know how […]

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Sep 19,2020

7 year old Dodger is a big, big boy.  His former home did not provide him with exercise and he returned to us at 159 pounds!  Our volunteers worked hard […]

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Jul 08,2020

UPDATE NOVEMBER, 2020 Deybo has made progress and can now take short leisurely walks.  He is hoping to find someone who will foster or adopt him.  He promises to listen […]

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Apr 26,2020

3  month old Dolce landed in a distant shelter and needed a new lease on life.  GSROC rushed to save her.

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Jan 19,2020

Lobo has been with GSROC for 3 years.  He requires a home that understands sensitive shepherds.  Once he loves you, Lobo will give his life for you, but it may […]

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Kai is a 10 year old boy who is big and strong with a confident personality.    Kai knows he is a good looking guy and believes he is the […]

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Oct 04,2018

Cocoa was rescued from a ramshackle back yard where she had lived her entire life.  She was so terrified that she had to be trapped in order to be saved.  […]

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Jul 30,2018

Teller was housed with Penn at the shelter and they got along fine.  We do not believe they knew each other prior to being dropped off at the shelter.  We […]

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Penn was an owner surrender at a crowded inland empire shelter.  He was at risk due to the wildfire raging in the area and space at the kennel was needed […]

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May 08,2018

Yeti is a beautiful 7 year old boy who would love to find his home and get out of the loud kennel.  Yeti is a long legged boy with a […]

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Apr 28,2018

Bonnie lost her home recently and is such an unhappy girl.  After 10 years with a family, she was shown the door and landed in the animal shelter.  GSROC does […]

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Oct 30,2017

Simba had a rough start before coming to GSROC.  He was not well socialized with new people or dogs, so he takes time to warm up to new situations and […]

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Jun 12,2015

Ella needs a quiet, calm environment without a lot of new people coming and going a lot. Commotion frightens Ella but we know that in the right home with loving […]

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Mar 23,2015

Cosmo is a dog in need. He has a broken leg and desperately needs help. He may not be a GSD, but he meets an important criteria, he is a […]

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Oct 29,2014

Now we have a good idea why such a cute puppy ended up abandoned at an animal shelter. Pepper has a very serious heart murmur that needs to be addressed […]

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Oct 31,2013

4 year Mojave loved his owner and pledged his loyalty to him. Unfortunately, his owner recently died and family members refused to take him in. Suddenly, Mojave found himself homeless […]

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