Jul 15,2023

Lexi likes people and large dogs.  She is housebroken and has had obedience training.  She has been in an adult home and has not been exposed to children, so an adult home or one with adult children would be best for her.   Lexi knows she is a special girl and will do best in a […]

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May 02,2023

Godiva has a smile and a wag for everyone she meets, Godiva was rescued from in overcrowded animal shelter.  She has some senior health issues but she is the sweetest girl you will ever meet!

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Jul 02,2022

Hatchie is a sweet and affectionate guy who got a bum deal.  His family turned him in to a high-kill shelter when he nipped a toddler.  Hatchie was just trying to herd the child, but his intentions were misunderstood.  Now, he is looking for a family that will be loyal to him for the rest […]

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Feb 17,2022

2 year old Luna has special needs.  She has  Masticatory Muscle Myositis (MMM) is an immune system disorder in which the dog’s immune system identifies the dog’s own muscle tissue as foreign and attacks it. She is being treated for this condition and is in a GSROC foster home.   She eats from the side of […]

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Feb 14,2022

4 year old Pebbles has just arrived from a crowded shelter.   Sweet and demure, she is rapidly winning over the hearts of our volunteers.  She gets along with other friendly dogs and likes people as well.   She is a bit shy so needs a bit of time to warm up to strangers.  

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Jan 01,2022

8 year old Bonnie landed in a high kill shelter alone and unwanted.  Shortly thereafter, she gave birth to 3 puppies.  We rushed to save this little family. Bonnie’s puppies are doing great and are on their way to their own families.  It is Bonnie’s turn now!   She is working on getting her girlish figure […]

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Nov 20,2021

9 year old Mojave lost his home when his family was forced to leave their home and were unable to find an apartment that would allow them to bring their beloved Mojave with them.  GSROC stepped in to help Mojave. Mojave is housebroken, likes children and has had obedience training.   He is used to being […]

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Jul 20,2021

6 month old Hans was born with a deformity to his foot.   He can not use the paw on that leg and was wearing  a special splint for support.  Hans lives with children and a smaller dog in his foster home and enjoys playing with them. He has been seen by our specialist who wants […]

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Jun 08,2021

2 year old Koko is looking for a fresh start with a family that is familiar with the energy, intellect and power of a Belgian Malinois.  You see, Koko is a busy girl, busy, busy, busy – just like all malinois are.  She is happiest when she has a job to do.  She can also […]

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Nov 30,2020

4 year old Goldie is housebroken, and likes to follow her foster family around.  Goldie is not destructive, and she does not chew.   She enjoys supervising her family as they cook, but she never begs or tries to steal food.  Rather, she just likes to be in on the action with her foster family. Goldie […]

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Jun 04,2020

Goldie and Gretel were found wandering in a neighborhood.  No tags, collars or chips on either of them.    When all efforts to find their owners failed, GSROC was contacted. They are safe with us now and looking forward to a new home.  These 2 girls like other dogs and are heavily bonded with each […]

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Goldie and Gretel were found wandering in a neighborhood.  No tags, collars or chips on either of them.    When all efforts to find their owners failed, GSROC was contacted. They are safe with us now and looking forward to a new home.  These 2 girls like other dogs but chase cats.  They are gentle, […]

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May 17,2020

Wesley is a shy kinda fella – he likes people, but it takes him a bit to get over his shyness.  He was abandoned by his owner and this shook his confidence.   Wesley is not a cuddle bug kinda guy, he is more of a quiet guy who is happy to keep you company but […]

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May 11,2020

Sylvia became infected with mange.  Her family turned her into a local shelter stating they could not afford the care she needed.   When GSROC heard of her plight, we could not turn our back on her. Fast forward a few months and some loving care by our volunteers and she is healed and feeling great!  […]

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May 08,2020

10 year old Happy was a cute puppy when he went to his new home.  As he grew into a larger dog, his family had less and less time for him.  Gradually Happy was left without structure in his home and believed he needed to take charge.  His family was unwilling to pay for a […]

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Apr 28,2020

Natasha is a beautiful but terribly shy girl who suffered some sort of trauma before arriving at GSROC.  She meets new people with suspicion until she knows that she won’t be harmed.  She is a medium-sized girl with a gentle nature.  Natasha’s ideal home would be with a very patient person or family that doesn’t […]

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Dec 01,2019

8 year old Elsa is loving and affectionate, but must be the only dog in your home.   She is looking for a home with an experienced owner who understands the sensitive nature of german shepherds.  No small dogs or cats for this girl. She is a people pleaser, friendly, happy and always willing to plop […]

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Jun 27,2019

3 year old Sabra lost her home due to her owner’s illness.  At the family’s request, GSROC has stepped in to help this beautiful girl find love and security again. Sabra weighs 100 pounds but would be more comfortable at 90 pounds. We are just getting to know her and will update her bio as […]

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