Sep 17,2023
Archie Featured

While out walking the GSROC dogs, our volunteers found a crumpled up wad of dog hair on the side of the road. Approaching, they quicky realized that is was a dog in terrible condition. The dog was covered thick, heavy matts and had milky white cataracts on both eyes. The poor little guy didn’t object […]

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Riley Featured

Little Riley was on the euthanasia list at a high kill shelter. Why? Because he has a mysterious lump on his side. The shelter did not have the capacity to evaluate the lump—which we believe to be a harmless cyst. We couldn’t imagine letting a puppy with so much love for life, and for people, […]

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Aug 30,2023

Poppy is a young female who was found on the roadside, guarding her injured pup, Trey.  Trey had been hit by a car and couldn’t move.  He was obviously in terrible pain.  His momma dog refused to leave him.  Poppy and Trey are safe with GSROC now. She will receive vaccinations, deworming, fecal test and […]

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Trey Urgent Dog

Trey’s X-rays reveal a badly broken pelvis and leg.  We are consulting a specialist for the best course of action.  He is being kept comfortable while we determine how to treat him.  Momma Poppy is in the kennel adjacent to him.  She will receive vaccinations, deworming, fecal test and be spayed.  Watch for more updates […]

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Aug 12,2023

Sage was rescued from a crowded shelter with what we believed to be a broken leg.  However, our orthopedic specialist confirmed that this was a birth defect, not a break after all.  Sage was born with no cartilage in her front limb, so she can’t support herself on it.  She is not in pain, but […]

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