Dog Surrender Form

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  • Please tell us about your dog.

  • By submitting this application, you acknowledge that all of the information contained in this application is true and accurate. Any misrepresentations of fact may result in the removal of your name from the owner surrender waiting list. Once submitted, a volunteer from the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County will be contacting you within 10 days. SUBMISSION OF THIS APPLICATION IS NOT A GUARANTEE THAT WE WILL ACCEPT YOUR DOG. ONCE WE HAVE RECEIVED YOUR APPLICATION, WE WILL CONTACT YOU TO DETERMINE IF OR HOW WE MAY ASSIST YOU.

Surrendering of Your Dog:
We know that sometimes unfortunate things can happen to individuals and families in such a way that they are not able to care for their beloved German Shepherd. If you are the owner of a purebred German Shepherd that you can’t care for anymore, and want to surrender the dog to a non-kill shelter, please read the following very carefully and then complete the application below.

Submission of an application is not a guarantee that the dog will be accepted for an “Owner turn-in” with our group. It can take up to several weeks or months before we can clear a space to bring your dog into our organization. In some lucky cases, we may already have someone looking for a dog that would be a perfect match. We do our best to help as many dogs as we can, but we receive far more requests for help than we can accommodate.

If your dog is accepted onto our owner surrender waiting list, you will be given a date on which to bring the dog in to one of the boarding kennels that we use in Orange County. At that time, the dog MUST be spayed/neutered, and up-to-date on vaccinations. We will need all of the dog’s paperwork, including AKC registration (if any), certificate of sterility, records from your veterinarian, etc. If you can write something about the dog, it will help us to find him or her the right home. In the meantime, you can try to find your dog a new home on your own. We have some information here. Please be sure to have your dog spayed/neutered and brought up-to-date on vaccinations BEFORE you place him or her into a new home.

We also recommend that you ask for an adoption fee. Please do not place a “free to good home” ad, as there are unscrupulous characters who will “con” people out of free dogs only to try to make a profit by selling them to laboratory research or dog fighting rings. Please don’t let that happen to your pet.