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3 year old Angel came from an inner city shelter. She was surrendered by a backyard breeder along with three 9 week old puppies. Her puppies were taken away from her at the shelter and adopted out.   When introduced to new people she will often approach slowly, sniff and then give a small kiss on the hand and then loves getting attention from them. She is a bit head shy but if you hold your hand out she will butt her hear up under your hand to ask you to pet her.

A prospective family needs to understand that it will take time for her to get adjusted to a new situation, home and family and then she will be just as attached and friendly as she is in her foster home. After she has bonded, she is a perfect shadow, follows you everywhere and will lay down to be by your side in whichever room you are in. She is smart, alert, gentle and a great companion.


She is in a GSROC foster home and they report she is very, very sweet, loves lots of attention and gives kisses. It takes her some time to warm up to her environment and people but once she does she happy, comfortable and well behaved.

She does not chew on furniture or shoes, no digging, rarely barks, does not get on the furniture and does not appear to have any separation anxiety when we leave. She is shy and sensitive and can get nervous at unexpected quick movements and some things she will retreat from such as when you pick something up like a magazine, sticks etc. She acts like she is concerned she may get smacked but she shows zero aggression, just quickly puts distance between herself and the object and will carefully watch what you plan on doing.

When she feels comfortable she will come back for more love and attention. Her foster home si working with her to increase her confidence around different objects and reports they have been quite successful.

She walks well on a leash and does not pull. She has some reactions to other dogs when walking and when she sees them she tenses up and the fur on her back goes up and she appears nervous. But with encouraging words she will continue with the walk and after enough times with the same dogs she will just walk by without the reaction.

She gets along fine with the GSD and small dog in her foster home.  However, she is not interested in playing with them.  She prefers people  and getting attention and affection from them and really isn’t interested in being buddies with another dog.

She LOVES treats of all kinds. She has not shown food aggression towards people or other dogs but definitely doesn’t want to share a good bowl of food. When given treats she will wait her turn and not steal the other dogs treat if you keep an eye on her.

She rides in the car well and will lay down and go to sleep on long rides. She went camping with us and was perfectly well behaved and enjoyed the walks and exploring.

She is ok with the cat in her foster home and is curious, will sniff but if the cat hisses or swats she runs. So with the proper cat, supervision and introduction she seems to enjoy having a cat around.

For her future environment, she likes people and appears to appreciate a calm environment. She has shown zero aggression but being touched unexpectedly as she is walking by can startle her. But she figures it out quickly and will stop for affection after she realizes she won’t come to harm. Since she startles easily, small children who make unexpected movements might startle her often but once she likes and trusts you she really is a total sweetheart.

For other dogs, she is great with other calm dogs and would probably love an older dog companion that doesn’t want to bounce and play with her. After a month of our dog trying to get her to play she still just doesn’t want to. So being a playmate for another really active dog is probably not her cup of tea but she is willing to allow our GSD to continue to be a silly playful active dog around her with no problem. She just lets her know she doesn’t want to play.

If you would like to meet Angel, please complete the online application and an adoption counselor will contact you.

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