Bernie aka Snickers!

I love to play in water!I Love To Play!

Hi, I’m Snickers but when I was rescued from the scary Animal Shelter, everyone thought I was a Bernese Mountain Dog mix so my alias name is Bernie. I’m having lots of fun in my foster home but can’t wait to find my very own forever family ASAP. The Vet thinks I’m Shepherd with a little Border Collie mixed in for good measure. Not sure if I have Bernese relatives or not but I’m sure cute.

I follow my foster siblings around but most of the time they don’t want to play with me because they’re older and I’m just a bouncy, curious and playful pup! My foster family took in two tiny puppies. They were only 2 weeks old but now that they’re 5 weeks, they trust me to play with them, supervised of course. Because I’m so good with the little pups, I would probably love cats, and of course other dogs big and small and children.

I’m totally housebroken and use a a doggy door. The thing I love best is playing in the water and bringing nature inside the house. I’m talking about big rocks and long sticks. It is a struggle getting the long sticks thru the doggy door but I manage. I like to play hockey with rocks and my foster family laughs at my antics all the time. They say I’m a goofus, smart and very active.

For a young pup, I’m pretty good at leaving all the stuff around the house alone. However, I do like to shred newspapers and grab things from my foster mom and run so she can chase me. Sometimes it is underwear, shoes or clothes but it is just a game to me and I don’t harm the items. Just like the attention and being chased. The only bad thing I did was pull the Christmas tree down because I’m really into chewing on pine cones. Because this is my first Christmas, it has been a big challenge staying away from all the decorations. For the most part, I know not to chew up the good stuff.

I love, love, love to ride in the car. My foster mom left me in the car and I didn’t chew up anything. I also love to fetch the ball and even though I have a lot of energy, I’m really good at settling down and chilling out with my foster family. I guess you could say I’m a pretty good catch for a very lucky family.

If you are interested in meeting him, please contact for more information and complete an online application.

Bernie aka Snickers!
If you would like to meet Bernie aka Snickers!, please complete the online application and an adoption counselor will contact you.

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