Please take a second look at meUPDATED BIO!


Julianna ambulation is being closely monitored by her foster mom.  This feisty little girl is successfully dealing with her injured leg.  Much to her foster mom’s dismay, she  demonstrated just how well she has compensated  by beginning to dig outside in the yard!  After Julianna believes she has successfully completed her “gardening activities”, she trots off to the house for some feline monitoring.   The resident cat resents this monitoring but that doesn’t stop Juliana.  Juliana figures everyone is her friend and is not at all put off by the cat’s unwillingness to play.  When the cat resists, Julianna play bows and barks louder.   She is truly confused by how the cat could resist her cuteness.

Once she accepts the cat’s standoffish behavior, she trots off to find one of the 4 dogs in her foster home.  She is confident they will like her and….they do!  Her leg does not appear to impact her ability to wrestle and play with them.

Julianna is a girl with many interests.  Besides “gardening” and feline monitoring, she also enjoys quietly sitting outside and watching the birds and lizards.  Her foster mom calls that her “ZEN” time.  Who knows?  Maybe one day her foster mom will catch Julianna doing yoga poses.


UPDATE” MAY 23, 2019

Julianna is receiving daily physical therapy in the hopes of restoring nerve sensitivity to her leg.  We are hoping that we can help her keep her leg, but currently, she is not putting any weigh on it at all.  We’re going to keep trying!


UPDATE: APRIL 16, 2019

The news just got WORSE for this sweet little girl!  Our vet has just told us that the nerve damage to her leg MAY require amputation!   Julianna is already NOT using that leg so we are making an appointment with a neurologist to see what we can possibly due to avoid amputation.

The injury to the nerves in her brachial plexus most likely resulted from excessive stretching or tearing of the nerve fibers.  The severity of nerve injuries can vary from mild to severe.   Julianna’s injury is so severe, the nerves have torn away from the spinal cord!   This will be a costly condition to treat.   Can she count on your help?

This sweet girl is in trouble.  She suffered a serious injury to her leg and a pneumothorax!  A pneumothorax means she is struggling to breathe as it is a serious lung injury.   This poor sweet girl captured the hearts of the shelter staff and they contacted GSROC hoping we could save this girl.  How could we turn our backs on a sweet puppy?

Julianna is now in the GSROC lifeboat.  She needs constant supervision and care at our vet hospital.   We know this type of care is costly, but it is necessary to ensure she recovers.  Can she count on your support?

If you would like to meet Julianna, please complete the online application and an adoption counselor will contact you.

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