I Play Well With Others!Don't Overlook MeSPECIAL UPDATE!

Luke was seized from his owner by Animal Control due to his horrific condition. His situation was so dire, the shelter vet and staff didn’t even know IF Luke could recover.

How anyone could treat an animal in such a callous and horrific manner is beyond our comprehension? Our poor boy’s skin was dried, crusted, and thickened. He was frighteningly emaciated. It was hard to tell what breed or color he was. The veterinarian found that upon initial exam Luke was severely emaciated, suffering from a skin infection and hair loss over 90% of his body, in addition to an ear infection. Luke’s recovery plan includes a regular medicated baths, ear drops for his ear infection, antibiotics, regular blood tests, joint supplements, and nutritious food in addition to soft bedding and a regular walking schedule.

In his first weeks at the shelter, Luke was lethargic, lumbering around with his head held low. After weeks of a regular bathing schedule and extra time for play and extra attention and affection from shelter volunteers, Luke began to feel better and his real personality emerged. OC Animal Care staff report that Luke is loveable and likes to play.

Currently, Luke has gained about 18% of his initial weight and has hair covering the majority of his body. His increased activity level and playful behavior is a testament to his ability to recover with only basic care and the power of his will to survive.

Luke’s condition began with a small flea allergy that could have been easily addressed with a few dollars worth of medicine. It progressed into a raging yeast and bacterial infection that overtook his entire body–inside and out. He is fortunate that he was discovered before he died from neglect.

Luke is now safe with GSROC and will be evaluated by our vet. He was thrilled to leave the shelter and hopped into the car as if he has done it a 100 times before, settled right in and looked out the window for the entire freedom ride. He knew better things were in store for him!

UPDATE: 8/18/2013 from Luke’s foster home:

He likes other large dogs for sure, but doesn’t have nice inter-canine manners yet(too nosey for comfort)! He is not at all rickety on his legs, but requires joint meds for sure.

UPDATE 10/7/13 — Luke loves hanging with pack mates! He is in a play group with fellow orphans Allie and Nickelby, and he grins all of the time! What was once patches of fur surrounded by bare skin, is now mostly fuzz with patches of skin–progress!

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