A good Samaritan called German Shepherd Rescue about a German Shepherd dog and her little babies living in a filthy junkyard. One of our devoted volunteers quickly went to investigate. What she saw was horrific.. The mama dog was running in the street as her babies were locked up in a filthy pen and she could not get to them. The babies had nothing more than a huge bucket of filthy water to drink from and had they tried to, they could have easily fallen in and drowned.

Our devoted volunteer was not going to leave Mama dog or her babies behind in this filthy junkyard!!! She scooped them all up and put them in her car and rushed them to the safety of our Vet’s office, where she was met by another volunteer and together they bathed Mama Dog and every one of her puppies. The water was black, as these babies and their Mama dog had never known anything except cold and filth.

The vet bills are already mounting for Mama Dog and her sweet babies, as they need medical treatment to recover from their life of neglect.
But, we know we can always count on our wonderful supporters to help us show the dogs we rescue like Mama and her babies that people DO CARE, and they are no longer unwanted junkyard dogs. Please help us, help Mama Dog and her babies.

We understand that right now you are being asked to donate to many worthy organizations. Please, please, understand there is no donation too small. We are so very grateful for any donation. Just please find it in your heart to send any amount to show Mama Dog and her babies that they DO matter and they ARE cared about.

From all of us at German Shepherd Rescue… WE THANK YOU.

Update – 9/15/2005
Mama is at the vet with a high fever. The Doctor said “she’s one sick dog”. They’ve got her in a cool bath to try and bring down the fever. We’ve all got our fingers, toes, and tails crossed for her.

Update – 9/21/2005
On Friday, September 16th (they day after they were rescued) Mama Dog would not eat and was running a high fever. Our vet was stumped and finally did an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed a mass. Our vet performed an emergency surgery and the mass turned out to be a piece of bone lodged in Mama Dogs esophagus that had been there long enough to become infected. Once it was removed her appetite came back and her fever was gone… We just cannot imagine the pain she must have been in with a bone stuck in her.

The puppies are now in a foster home and their foster Mom noticed one of them didn’t seem “right” she took the puppy to the vets and we discovered that the puppy had Coccidia, Giardia and also Whipworm. These are parasites that come from living in filthy conditions.

We discovered Mama Dog is also infected with these 3 parasites as well as the entire litter of puppies. The good news is this is all treatable and they can fully recover, the bad news is the medications needed are very expensive and our vet bills to save Mama Dog and her babies are thru the roof.

Please keep this special little family in your hearts. They have been thru so much and just can’t seem to catch a break.

Update – 9/26/2005 –
Mama has undergone another surgery as she had been infected with Whipworm for such a long time, the worms had affected some tissue in her intestine. Our Vet removed the infected tissue and also spayed Mama Dog. Luckily, she received medical treatment and will have no lasting problems in spite of her life of neglect. Our vet bills are huge but, saving her and her puppies is worth every penny!

Mama Dog is now learning that the world is a safe place and that humans are kind…She is coming out of her shell and is actually becoming very playful!!! Mama Dog is 2 1/2 to 3 years old and is great with other dogs. We also discovered Mama Dog is also great with cats. She also asked us to let you know she adores going bye-bye in the car and is crazy for belly rubs.

If you have any questions about Mama Dog, please fill out the online application and conta

Adoption Application If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, you may submit an application online or via fax. If you choose to send a fax, please download the Adoption Application here in PDF format; fill it out and sign it. You can fax it to us at 714-773-9430.

Home Visit Prior to any dog going home, we do require a home visit to ensure that your environment is safe and secure. Once your home has been approved, the adoption can move forward.

Adoption Donation

  • Adult GSDs: $395
  • Purebred GSD Puppies: $495
  • Mixed GSD Puppies: $395
  • Special Senior-to-Senior Adoptions: $295
This donation is tax-deductible as allowed by law and helps to offset the costs that we have incurred for the dog’s care and housing during his or her stay with our group. The minimum adoption donation does not entirely cover the investments that we have made in the dogs, so if you are in a position to give more, we would be honored to receive your additional donation. All adoption donations go directly toward the needs of our dogs.

All dogs adopted through GSROC are spayed or neutered, current on their vaccines and de-wormed. Because the minimum Adoption Donation rarely covers the costs associated with each dog, we ask that adopters who are in a position to give additional funds do so at their discretion.

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