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Despite how full our rescue is currently, German Shepherd Rescue OC rose to the challenge when we learned about Sailor. Approximately 8 years old and nearly blind, Sailor is the victim of months and months of neglect. When we discovered him in an area animal shelter, he was so emaciated and weak that he could barely lift his head. He had raw, open sores all over his body from an untreated skin infection that invaded his eyes and his ears. Our vet suspects that was was originally a mild yeast infection evolved over time to become life-threatening. Sailor is anemic and his organs were close to shutting down due to malnutrition.

Sailor’s main ailment is called Malassezia Pachydermititis. It is unlikely that his fur will all grow back due to the length of time that he has been suffering. He also suffers from chronic dry eye, meaning that he can’t produce tears from his tear ducts. This has lead to corneal scarring which causes blindness. We believe that he can see some hazy images, but his vision is very poor.

Incredibly, Sailor bears no hard feelings and he is quiet and gentle. He moaned in pain on his ride from the shelter to the vet’s office, but he allowed all of the caregivers to handle him. We think he knew that they were there to help him.

Sailor’s course of treatment is going to be very long and very costly, but we are determined to show him how it feels to be valued. Our volunteers are showing him the kindness and care that he hasn’t had for at least months—maybe years. He is currently on IVs and antibiotitics and receiving daily baths to soothe his angry skin.

UPDATE: 10/30/2011

He has a little more spring in his step, he recognizes and is getting a bit of spirit back in his eyes. He gets baths every other day. Each bath takes quite awhile – the shampoo must sit on his skin x 15 mins in 2 separate applications, followed by a special skin conditioner left on for 10 minutes.

UPDATE: 11/5/11

Sailor is feeling better by the day. He is still in isolation but he is eating well and showing more energy. He still requires his multi-step baths, and our doting volunteers are helping him keep his spirits up. Sailor still needs help to reach his fundraising goal.

UPDATE: 11/11/11– Sailor’s spirit is improving, he enjoys his time in the sunshine, (limited due to his skin condition) and he now has tufts of hair growing over his skin. He is becoming very affectionate.

If you are interested in meeting him, please complete an online application and an adoption counselor will contact you.

If you would like to meet Sailor, please complete the online application and an adoption counselor will contact you.

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