Age: 3 years

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We think that some things happen for a reason. When our volunteer was waiting at a public animal shelter to pick up a different dog, she watched in horror as a callous man dragged a skeletal dog in to the shelter. The dog didn’t have the strength to resist—his eyes were vacant as if there was no life left in him. Sinbad’s ears were chewed down to bloody, oozing stumps and marks on his legs look like cigarette burns. When confronted by Animal Control and our volunteer, the man indicated that he “forgot” that he had the dog…This case is currently under review by LA County Animal Services’ Cruelty Division with prosecution of the man very likely.

Sinbad is very shy and withdrawn. The light has not come back to his eyes yet, but with the help of our dedicated volunteers, we know we can rejuvenate his spirit. We are seeking donations in any amount to help defray the costs of his care.

Sinbad is on IVs at our vet to help rehydrate him and help him build his strength. He is only 44 pounds at 2 years old—this is approximately HALF of what he should weigh! All of his teeth are broken or cracked so eventually he may need some extractions as well. Right now, our mission is to get Sinbad stronger and help restore his faith in people. According to our vet, this level of malnutrition and physical damage did not happen over a short period: He is convinced that Sinbad endured sustained and deliberate neglect. We want to be certain that Sinbad receives the very best care possible and we need your donations to make this a reality. Please take another look at this deserving boy and pledge your support.

UPDATE 12/3/08
Sinbad continues to amaze us with his courage and his willingness to trust humans after the cruelty he has endured. Sinbad is still on an IV, but the vet decided he could be taken off long enough for a nice warm bath. Sinbad spent hours having ticks picked off of his body, and he was so flea infested his skin looked black in places. His ears are beginning to heal where maggots had eaten away much of the flesh over time. There are no words to describe how filthy Sinbad was… We would like to thank the staff at The Doggie Spa in Huntington Beach for their gentle hands and kind words while bathing Sinbad and also the fact that they refused payment. For the first time in his life, Sinbad knows what it is to be clean and cared about… Sinbad is slowly learning that people can be kind. While he is hesitant when first meeting people, a few chin scratches later he begins to warm up. He has started nosing the volunteer who rescued him for more petting. This is a great sign.

What a difference some vet care and a lot of loyal volunteers can make! Sinbad has gained 11 pounds since he came to us! He is coming out of his shell more and more every day and we see a beautiful boy blossoming! He has scored a fantastic foster home where he will continue his recovery!

UPDATE from Sinbad’s Rescuer:

A little over 2 weeks ago, I was at the shelter when I saw first hand how cruel and heartless humans could be to helpless animals. I watched in horror as a dog was drug into the shelter by a piece of rope because he was so weak from starvation he had trouble walking. I knew at that moment GSROC would come to his rescue.

We forgot that the bank account was near empty, we forgot that we already had more dogs than foster homes, we forgot that our vet bills were more than they have ever been in the history of our rescue. All we knew was that we had to rescue a dog so badly broken he would not even lift his head. He would only cower in fear waiting to be struck yet again. His ears were eaten away by maggots, his body was covered in sores, and he was skin and bones. To us at GSROC, he was beautiful… This is Sinbad today…Sinbad no longer knows what hunger is. Sinbad no longer cowers in fear, he knows the human hand will no longer strike, but bring a gentle and kind touch. Sinbad no longer calls a filthy yard his home. Sinbad no longer knows the pain of having ticks and fleas literally sucking the life out of him. For the first time in his life, Sinbad knows what it is to be healthy and loved… We are the volunteers of German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County. This is who we are, and this is what we do… Thank you to all of our supporters… Without you, we could not save the Sinbads of the world.

UPDATE 12/16
Sinbad will be waiting for Santa in a warm and loving foster home. He is getting stronger and more confident every day. Watch for new photos coming soon!

Please contact Shawn at 714-206-9002 or email if you can help in any way. “It takes a village” to help an abused, forgotten dog like Sinbad, so we are asking you to join Sinbad’s team of supporters.

Adoption Application If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, you may submit an application online or via fax. If you choose to send a fax, please download the Adoption Application here in PDF format; fill it out and sign it. You can fax it to us at 714-773-9430.

Home Visit Prior to any dog going home, we do require a home visit to ensure that your environment is safe and secure. Once your home has been approved, the adoption can move forward.

Adoption Donation

  • Adult GSDs: $395
  • Purebred GSD Puppies: $495
  • Mixed GSD Puppies: $395
  • Special Senior-to-Senior Adoptions: $295
This donation is tax-deductible as allowed by law and helps to offset the costs that we have incurred for the dog’s care and housing during his or her stay with our group. The minimum adoption donation does not entirely cover the investments that we have made in the dogs, so if you are in a position to give more, we would be honored to receive your additional donation. All adoption donations go directly toward the needs of our dogs.

All dogs adopted through GSROC are spayed or neutered, current on their vaccines and de-wormed. Because the minimum Adoption Donation rarely covers the costs associated with each dog, we ask that adopters who are in a position to give additional funds do so at their discretion.

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