Please Sponsor My Vet Care

Sugar was dumped at a local shelter with her 4 puppies. They were immediately adopted out and Sugar was left there all alone.

When our volunteer met her, she was paralyzed with fear, shaking and drooling in the back of her cage. Our hearts broke at her sad tale. She is bleeding from her vaginal area, we believe she may have a uterine infection. Expensive tests, IVs and antibiotics will be needed.

Can Sugar count on your support? She has known so little love in her life. That, along with the loss of her puppies have caused her to be wary of humans. We want to show her that life is worth living.

Please send your tax deductible donation to GSROC. Click on the Sponsor button.

Adoption Application If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, you may submit an application online or via fax. If you choose to send a fax, please download the Adoption Application here in PDF format; fill it out and sign it. You can fax it to us at 714-773-9430.

Home Visit Prior to any dog going home, we do require a home visit to ensure that your environment is safe and secure. Once your home has been approved, the adoption can move forward.

Adoption Donation

  • Adult GSDs: $395
  • Purebred GSD Puppies: $495
  • Mixed GSD Puppies: $395
  • Special Senior-to-Senior Adoptions: $295
This donation is tax-deductible as allowed by law and helps to offset the costs that we have incurred for the dog’s care and housing during his or her stay with our group. The minimum adoption donation does not entirely cover the investments that we have made in the dogs, so if you are in a position to give more, we would be honored to receive your additional donation. All adoption donations go directly toward the needs of our dogs.

All dogs adopted through GSROC are spayed or neutered, current on their vaccines and de-wormed. Because the minimum Adoption Donation rarely covers the costs associated with each dog, we ask that adopters who are in a position to give additional funds do so at their discretion.

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