Willy Wonnka



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GSROC received a call from a high kill shelter about a senior dog who was out of time and the staff was absolutely in love with. Our bank account is in sad shape and we are overloaded with dogs. We took one look at Willly Wonka and unlike several other rescues who said no to him, GSROC could not say no. Our volunteer arrived at the shelter to hugs and tears of happiness (On a Monday when they are closed, they opened up just to see him be rescued) because the staff was so happy this shelter favorite was being rescued.

We had been told “He has a wonky gait” which in fact, he did. Our volunteer immediately got to him to our vet. What we were told after an exam and x-rays was heartbreaking. Willy Wonka has a front left dislocated shoulder, which it appears he has suffered from for years without being treated. Can you imagine not only the pain of a dislocated shoulder but, having to walk on it ? For years ? We thought Willy Wonka just had a funny gait, hence the name. It’s no longer funny and that pain he is in breaks out hearts so he is now just Willy.

Now, a little about Willy… Willy is a dream in the car, a total lover (He’s a leaner, and loves people and affection) he was waiting to see the vet when a little Yorkie got loose and ran up to him, he wagged his tail (Which at some point in his life half was chopped off) and made fast friends with the little guy. Next up, a lady sat down in the waiting room next to our volunteer with her new kitten which Willy gave gentle kisses too. A toddler wanted to give him a treat. Out volunteer said yes, but kept a tight lead and watched carefully. Maybe we should have named him Gentle Lamb, because that’s how he took the treat offered him by the toddler. The little lady then spent the next 5 minutes talking too, kissing and petting Willy. What an amazing and gentle dog he is.

Willy is a loving, sweet and gentle boy. He has no ill will over his life that was clearly not the best. We just could not let this kind and gentle dog die unloved in a shelter. He will need surgery to repair his shoulder after years of being in pain, a surgery that will not be cheap, as it is a very old injury. Will you help us help Willy to live for the first time in years without the constant pain of only being able to move while walking on a dislocated shoulder ? This is where your donations go… The Willys are the dogs that GSROC has made it our mission to save. The unwanted dogs, the dogs other rescues say no too, the dogs that deserve a chance to be loved and pain free. We could not do what we do for the Willy’s of the world without our amazing supporters. For that, Willy and the volunteers of GSROC humbly thank you.
UPDATE: 8/2014
Willy has had dental surgery and had numerous rotten teeth removed. He feels so much better now! He is now eating wet food and slowly recuperating at the vet hospital. The tail amputation went well–he has a very short stump rather like a mini-pin, but he will be out of pain. The vet thinks he was really suffering for a long time. While they had him under, they did a dental on him due to broken teeth. THEY REMOVED 31 TEETH that were rotten, broken and falling out. The dental took longer than the tail surgery.
Next week, Willy will have additional surgery to remove his undescended testicles.

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