Extraordinary Efforts to save dogs
Wednesday, Nov 14,2012


Today is Maria Dales birthday, and there are thousands of dogs who lived to see another day because of this lady.
There isn't much I can say about her that hasn't been said already. She is dedicated and tireless in her quest to save dogs. You would think someone who has seen the dregs of humanity would not have much compassion for people, but she does. Along the way of saving the lives of countless animals, she gives and gives to people.

Maria spends all of her free time furthering the rescue. She is not some voice behind a desk; she comes out every weekend to hold a dog. She goes to the hoarders and walks among the abused to save the ones we can… and some we can't but she can't bear to leave behind. She goes to the ER vet in the middle of the night to hold the head of desperate animal who just needs a little kindness in her last moments. Maria does the heart wrenching shelter walks. She walks the walk. Every now and then, I hear someone say “If I ran this rescue I would do this differently, or that”… and I say, “Yes, but you don't do it, do you. She does.”

Happy Birthday MD. This world is a better place because of you.