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Our Foster Process:

In the world of rescue, we have a saying: “Adopt a dog, save a life. Foster a dog, save many lives.” Nothing could be more accurate. Our amazing network of foster families makes it possible for the dogs in our care to relax, convalesce, learn manners, and find comfort during their transitional periods. They play a critical role in the rescue process by nurturing and training the dogs that are eagerly awaiting families of their very own. GSROC provides financial support for food and approved veterinary care while dogs reside in their foster homes.

Fostering a homeless dog can be profoundly rewarding, while assisting the rescue by eliminating costly boarding kennel expenses. We have dogs ranging from puppies to senior dogs ready to move into foster homes as soon as possible. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a foster parent, please complete the application below and one of our volunteers will contact you soon.

For questions on fostering, please contact us.

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