German Shepherds and shedding
Friday, May 11,2012

dog-hair-on-pantsIt never fails that at any German Shepherd Rescue OC event, someone comes up and asks about German Shepherds and shedding. Several people suggested this as a blog topic … so here it is-Yes, German Shepherds shed like crazy…and they are worth every single hair that falls on your floor, sticks to your clean black pants as you head out to dinner or goes down your throat one second after you realize you have a big ole German Shepherd hair in your mouth.

There are, however some things you can do to reduce the shedding and/or the impact of it on your life:

  • Feed a high quality dog food and if you have this available to you, supplement with salmon oil. (please dose according to each type of oil)
  • Brush your dog frequently. (suggestion, do this outside when there is NO wind)
  • Get your dog professionally groomed or invest in a high powered pet blower that will help blow out the coat.
  • Learn to love vacuuming and all the cardio you get when you vacuum daily. (I have heard volunteers say they want to marry their Dyson vacuums)

We do not EVER recommend shaving a German Shepherd to reduce shedding. These dogs need their coats and it is not healthy (or becoming) to shave them. You wouldn't shave your head instead of brushing your hair, right?