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Happy Ending

Nothing makes our volunteers and supporters happier than seeing how our alumnae dogs are thriving in their forever homes! We love to get regular updates and photos of your adopted dogs so that we can share them! Please take a moment to submit a Happy Ending photo of your dog with a small note about how he/she is doing!

Anton has found his new home!

Remus is now part of the Rebuilding Warrior team!

Rex has found his new person!

Jester and his new family are all smiles!

Ellie Mae has found her very own forever home!

Billy and Mason will keep their new family very busy!

Lots of fun ahead for Terra and her new family!

Mark and Mischief promise double fun to their new family!

Amanda has a new family!

Maggie has found her Mom!

Montana has found his new family!

Yumi has found a family to love!

Buddy is now one of the guys!

Sahara has a new life!

Whiskey has a brand new family!

Frannie loves her new family!

Smiles all around for Sonic’s family

Canon has a new family !

Chanel has found her new home

Chevy loves her new mom.

Trevor and his new dad are starting a new adventure!

Lady Luck and her new owner are all smiles!

Tucket loves his new Dad!

Oreo aka Ozzie has a new family!

Arianna is one happy girl in her new home!

Tempo captured the hearts of these folks!

Tyger has found his new family!

Red Rover, Dusty Rose and Rihanna all have the same new home!

Maple has found a family of her very own!

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